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Annual Festivals & Fairs in Chiang Rai

KING MENGRAI COMMEMORATION DAY - Citizens andgovernment agencies participate in joint activities celebrating thecity founder King Mengrai. Memorial ceremony, procession, shows,demonstrations, competitions, games, and more. January 26 -February 4.

DAWG ZIEW POO SHEE FAH - The pink blossomedhighland trees bloom beautifully covering all hillsides betweenlate winter and spring time. A 3-day fair for visitors at Shee Fahmountain top bordering on Laos, Terng District. February 13- 15.

JOWDOI SUMPUN - Friendship andaffection among mountain dwellers, coincides with internationalValentine's Day. February 14.

WAT PRATART DOI TOONG -An image bathing andmerit making ceremony to pay respect to Buddha's relics during themiddle of the 4th lunar month. March 9-10.

SONGKRAN FESTIVAL -Traditional Thai New Year celebration. Merit making, paying respectto elders, cultural shows, parade, and contests. April 13 -15. Similar festival in the town of Chiang Saen, April 12 - 15.

AKHA HILLTRIBE CELEBRATION -15 day celebration at the end of rice harvest season with thehighlight of the tall swing between August andSeptember.

MOUNTAIN BIKING - Competitionamong bikers from Mekong region: China, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia andThailand. October 10 - 12.

PRINCESS MOTHER COMMEMORATION DAY -Memorialceremony and organized sport competitions honoring her past concernfor fitness and health care. Amateur and marathon running, bikingand other events. 3rd weekend of October. October 15 -19.

CHIANG RAI HILLTRIBE FESTIVAL - Doi Hua Mae Come highland of Mae Fah Luang districtbordering on Myanmar, mid-November. November 9 -13.

FOUR MEKONG NATIONS CULTURAL EXHIBITION -China,Laos, Myanmar and Thailand participate in trade and cultural shows.November 1 - 3.

FLOWER FESTIVAL - AmazingFloral exhibitions and cultural performances in the cool season.Late December.

DOI MAE SALONG FAIR -Flowering Sakura trees, locally produced teas, demonstration, manytribes gathering and shows. Late December.

DOI WAWEE FAIR - Famous localcoffee and tea on exhibition along with hilltribe cultural shows,Mae Suay district. Late December.

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