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4-Wheel Adventure
to Doi Hua Mae Kum

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CHIANGRAI IS Thailand's northernmost Province.Its boundaries are connected with Myanmar and Laos with Dan Lao Mountain and Mae Khong River flows throughout the area. Native people who live in the mountains are known as hilltribes.

Mae Fah-Luang is a district that contains three sub districts,Doi Mae Salong, Baan Therd Thai, and Doi Hua Mae Kum. Doi Mae Salong and Baan Therd Thai are both Chinese settlements of former KMT troops who fled to this area from China in the 1950's, but Baan Therd Thai was settled after the battle was over. The trisection to Mae Salong and Baan Therd Thai are both at the 13 km marker. Past Baan Therd Thai is Doi Hua Mae Kum, which dislocated 32 km's away. The distance from Chiangrai City to Doi Hua Mae Kum is about 100 kms. Driving may take two to three hours in a4-wheel drive vehicle since there are many mountains.

On a map the area is similar in shape as that of a fist with its left thumb pointing left. Doi Hua Mae Kum sets Mona high mountain, in this case the weather is cold, but it contains beautiful panoramic view.

fieldsTowards the end of November to December, Doi Hua Mae Kum has a very beautiful scenery.The main attraction is during the morning when the "Buatong" or wild sunflowers bloom throughout the whole mountain combining with the fog in the winter morning. The gift of Mother Nature adds a colorful attraction to Doi Hua Mae Kum.

The population of Doi Hua Mae Kum is mainly tribal villages. Presently, the quality of life of the tribals in the area is improving even though this area is surrounded by the mountain ranges which makes communication between the villages and city very difficult.

hilltribe peopleIt has become a big community of 1,800 tribal people. There are four main tribal groups -- Lisor (Lisu), Egor (Akha), Hmong (Meo), and Muser (Lahu). The Lisor are friendly and kind and proudly claim that Lisor- women are very pretty. The Egor are considered fun loving. Therefore they have many festivals all year round. The Hmong have Chinese roots. They are patient people but are also good fighters. As for the Muser, they are very religious and peaceful people but also expert hunters. The majority of the hilltribes in the region are Lisor.

In terms of-education, there are schools that have been organized by the Border Police Patrol since 1969. The school has big open field for the children to play and a nursing room. It is quite a pity that not every child in the area has the opportunity of education.

Since the war in Myanmar is still going on, there- are great influences from the border. But since the border has settled down,the Thai government helps to develop Doi Hua Mae Kum and to improve the basic infrastructure such as adjusting and fixing the road from Baan Therd Thai to Doi Hua Mae Kum. Another type of assistance is supporting and giving suggestions in agriculture, such as tea wandflower planting and seasonal fruits.

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