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90 Years Celebration of Royal
Thai Air Force is Coming Soon !!

Thailand's involvement with flight began 92 years ago,when the first "heavier-than-air" flying machine cruised the skies above Bangkok; barely eight years had passed since Americans Orville and Wilbur Wright had flown the first airplane into the pages of history. On 2nd February 1911, Belgian aviator Charles Van den Born flew his Henri Farman biplane from the grounds of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, impressing crowds with the quiet manner in which the machine simply drifted off into the air and the smoothness with which the land was regained. The royal members, Armed Force leaders, and ordinary citizens were among the big crowds Prince Burachat, Prince Pitsanuloke, and Major Luang Sakdisanlayawut, etc.

Among those impressed at this flying demonstration was King Vajiravudh (Rama VI). With his support and personal involvement,Thai aviation developed rapidly. Within a month after Charles Vanden Born left Bangkok, three army officers were sent to the flying school in France Major Luang Sakdisanlayawut, Lt. Luang Arwutsikhikorn, and Lt. Thip Ketdhat. They spent 2 year sat the flying schools in Villacoublay and Mourmelon, France. They graduated on 9 June 1913 and had additional field trips at another flying schools at Upavon Wilts, U.K. and Gatchina, Russia. They came back to Siam on 2 November 1913. During the time that Siamese pilots were at school, The Ministry of War had purchased eight airplanes and these planes, Brequet & Niunport, were displayed to the public at the same Royal Bangkok Sports Club flown by the Siamese pilots. The Kingdom had entered the age of aviation.

Created on 27th March 1914 as the base of the Aviation Division of the Royal Thai Army, Don Muang was accessible from Bangkok only by train, as no road existed. Don Muang is thought to be the country's oldest Royal Thai Air Force base as well as international airport, still occupying its original location. The Kingdom had entered the age of aviation. Siam's involvements with defense and civil aviation continued to increase before and after World War I, 1917. The kingdom had more pilots and planes. By the 1920's, air travel was used extensively for commercial purposes; Bruguet biplanes and"limousine planes" carried passengers, mail and cargo, connecting Bangkok with several remote provincial cities. In 1927, Thailand designed and built its own aircraft, the Boripatra biplane, at factory near Bangkok. The Boripatra was operated by the Thai Air Force and made numerous goodwill flights. It was during this period that Don Muang Airport became well established as one of the best equipped airports in Asia.

Almost 90 years time the Kingdom produced at least 5,000 pilot salong with the ground fighters. Don Muang, a district outside Bangkok city, has been the kingdom's Royal Thai Air Force headquarters. There are possibly at least 40 air units located throughout the country. Our air fighters must be ready to defend the kingdom whenever they are needed.

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