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30,000 - 50,000 Baht per month. If you would like to teach English but lack
formal training: Get it now! Learn 4 hours/day Monday-Friday in popular 120-hourr TEFL for Target Learner Groups Course from IATEFL Affiliate TEXT-AND-TALK Academy. AFFORDABLE Monday-Friday class starts in Chiangmai 4 February, 2002.

Already teaching but need qualification? Our Sunday-only class starts on 17 February, 2001. WORK ASSURED AFTER TRAINING! Distinguished Certificate officially certified by Thai Ministry of Education ((CAUTION!! Beware of uncertified IMITATIONS!!)) "6 weeks' training is equal to 14 yrs' hard experience."

(Every question answered at http://www.TEFLTeachThai.com)

Enroll at website, e-mail: leigh@langserv.com, or telephone Leigh on 0 2513 6908 or 09-8237049. Fax. 0 2513 7814.

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