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In the Most Informative Magazine in and about north Thailand, we have many fine articles for your enjoyment. Each month the Magazine brings you articles about places in north Thailand and its people, history, and culture, plus handy reference guides to the area's services and many unique attractions. All of our articles are catalogued by subject in the Magazine Index.

Look inside and you'll find everything from A to Z about north Thailand: advice for tourists, accommodations, antiques, bars, buddhism, celadon, ceramics, culture, destinations, food, guest houses, handicrafts, hill tribes, history, hotels, maps, night clubs, night life, orchids, resorts, restaurants, services, shopping, sports, thai silk, tours, tourism, tourist attractions, "Travel Help" service, umbrellas, woodcarving, zoo, and MUCH, MUCH more.

When in North Thailand

Welcome to Chiangmai and Chiangrai Magazine has been published in Chiangmai, Thailand since 1986. With its emphasis on quality content, we think you will find its articles and other materials both informative and helpful. When you visit "The Rose of the North" and elsewhere in north Thailand, be sure to pick your printed copy of this magazine - it's free and can be found in all major hotels and local establishments. If you would to obtain your own copy of the magazine each month, please visit the Magazine's business home page to find out all the details. In the meantime, please use this online magazine to help plan your next trip to north Thailand in "The Land of Smiles."

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Have a question about travelling in north Thailand? Use our Travel Help service. It's free and you will receive an Email answer in just a short while.

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If you have comments about our magazine or have useful information you would like to share, please send your feedback to us.

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