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Appeal For Volunteers and Equipment

The Foundation To Encourage Disabled Persons is cooperating with the 3 year old Se Sang Wan school for the disabled, which is located about 2 kilometers north of Mae Jo University, in their effort to find volunteers who would be willing to offer volunteer assistance to the resident disabled children who live at this government-run facility.

The school is eager to find volunteers who would be willing to teach children both on an individual and classroom basis, particularly basic English, or any type of occupational or physical therapy-related skills that could be useful toward the development of dexterity in disabled children.

At the moment, the school brochure is only available in English and the staff has only limited access to email and the internet, but they do have computers. For additional information and/or directions to the school, please call Sunan Willcox at 081-289-0852 or 053-852172 between 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

The school is also is in search of a computer mouse that can be used by children with limited hand dexterity. A standard mouse is often too difficult for disabled children to handle, and it often proves discouraging. If you can locate or donate such a mouse, plese help.

Addditionally, the school is in need of any kind of exercise equipment that can be safely used by children to develop muscle strength and coordination.

If you have spare time and want to get involved, there are 130 children at this facility.  We would be most grateful if you would kindly pass this email along to anyone you know who might be interested.

Thank you.

Don & Sunan Willcox
Foundation To Encourage Disabled Persons Chiang Mai Disabled Center Freedom Wheelchair Workshop


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