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Sustainable tourism in village Baan Pah-Pai, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This weekend you may like to join a one day tour that is only offered by the BTS Boutique Travel Agency in Chiangmai. A visit to Baan Pah-Pai, a sustainable village in Doi Saket district, eastern Chiang Mai province is only 30 minutes drive from Chiang Mai to the small town village. The countryside is green and delightful to the senses. This village has been following the sustainable life philosophy developed by the King of Thailand. The villagers are successful in keeping the environment clean and they are motivated to continue their education, helped along by raising healthy organic products. They live with harmony.

They now provide homestay for visitors to live in the village for short or long stay. The price is 500 Baht per person per day. That amount also includes three daily meals. The villagers provide a bicycle for guests' for local transportation around the village. In addition, guests can learn about the life-style of the country people, by helping the villagers in farming tasks and by making handicrafts.

Some visitors are volunteers teaching the teenagers in a particular skill. Would you like to teach how to prepare western food or how to play the guitar ? The exchange will be very rewarding for both parties. The youngsters have been trained as local tour guides. The eager children take pride in informing visitors all about their village. The villagers are very friendly plus they are concerned about the safety and the comfort of their guests.

For more information please feel free to ask Miss Boong a friendly travel agent at the BTS Boutique Travel Service, 44/3 Sridonchai Rd., Chiang Mai. Tel & Fax: 053-284042. Mobile : 089-433-1505.

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