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Being Blessed With The Right Of Choice

WRIO RUSSELL believes that every one of us has the right of choice. The question is, though, do we make the right choices?

We have the right to choose. This can apply to every area of our life. Every day we have choices to make from "what will I wear today?" to "will I ask her to marry me?" Sometimes the choices are fun to make, yet at other times they can be difficult, the sort of choices that we agonise over because we know that whatever we do it will hurt. But make them we must and make them we do. This right to choose is a form of empowerment that gives us our responsibility as independent beings and we should feel that we can give thanks for this right. It's great to have; we're blessed.

Yet, there's a problem, isn't there. Every day there are people making choices that hurt others and cause damage, not just to other people but to our world in general. Divorced men choose not to pay maintenance for their children and so cause hardship to the family, politicians choose to go to war for some dubious reason that results in death and mayhem, we choose to tell a lie that hurts someone we love. Yes, we're all at it, aren't we, making wrong choices and all because we forget one simple thing. Every choice we make should be made for our highest good. And what is for our own highest good is also for the highest good of everyone, so everyone benefits. This is not selfish ego choosing. It is wise choosing because this kind of choosing leads us more and more to our awakened heart and therefore to feelings of joy.

As we have the right to choose, we also need to have the confidence to choose wisely. For example, when we do something wrong, due to our fear of admitting it and taking the consequences, there is a tendency for us to try and hide it. We're afraid. And so we compound the wrongdoing and, into the bargain, make ourselves feel even worse. Not admitting the error makes us close in on ourselves and we can feel that in some way we have unplugged the connection between ourselves and the outside world. Our heart feeling constricts. Instead, if we admit our wrongdoing, it becomes like a weight lifting off our shoulders and we can walk lightly, feeling our open heart and a purr of well-being. After all, we all make mistakes sometimes. That's human nature. So, what is wrong in admitting them, especially if it is going to make us feel better? And if we do, it's a victory over our fear and ego as well.

However, things are not always that simple. In many Western countries, right now, the insidious power of advertising and peer pressure is encouraging many millions of people to eat wrong food, especially, sadly, children. It has become an epidemic of monstrous proportions. And the result is that there is increasing obesity causing such illnesses as diabetes, heart disease and irritable bowel syndrome, as well as lethargy and depression. For reasons of finance and ignorance, parents are making wrong choices: they are buying junk foods, processed foods and pesticide ridden fruit and vegetables and so their children are being brought up with illness and weak energy. It's so sad, and so wrong. Yet it doesn't have to be like that. The right choice is to say that it is vital to eat wholesome, healthy food and, if it costs a little more, then so be it. We'll save the money on something else. Our health is our most valuable asset. We need to create it and then to maintain it. And we need to make the right choices.

The choices we make concerning our health and well-being are very important. If our own lives are ticking along nicely and we're in a state of balance and harmony, then everyone around us will benefit also from our healthy aura. On the other hand, if we're not well, then we can still make right choices to heal ourselves. We do our own healing, after all. Sometimes, yes, we need our friend the doctor and sometimes even the hospital, and they normally do a wonderful job in helping us. However, the actual healing process is our own work and often we have choices there, too. Maybe we don't like what the doctor is proposing and we have the right to say so and to follow another route or ask for a second opinion. For example, certain people who have cancer prefer to steer clear of the aggressive Western treatments, chemotherapy and the like, and to follow an alternative and spiritual route. That is their right of choice when faced with a very major decision in their life. It's a choice of great courage.

One choice that is worth making is to say "I believe that prevention is better than cure and that I will keep myself healthy and well to the best of my ability". If we go for that choice, then we need to pay attention to our health in a holistic way. Our physical health is an obvious one good food, sensible exercise, rest, relaxation and sleep. But what about our minds and our emotions? And our spiritual life? And our relationships with other people? They need to be in a healthy state, too. Well, we all have our own path to follow but, in fact, each one of these dimensions is a part of us which cannot be treated in isolation. If we're well in our mind, it's easier to be well in our body; and if we're well in our spirit then our mind will be happy as well. We're holistic beings needing holistic health and healing so that we can surround ourselves in an aura of joy and well-being. Ultimately, the choices we make with our lives are concerned with this aura of joy and how to achieve it. That's our big question.

The best way to live is to make choices that are always for our highest good, that will always make us feel good in our hearts. We all know what that feels like. It feels like heaven on earth... a wondrous calm. However, it is not an easy path to follow as there are so many temptations, instead, to succumb to greed or ego, or to be driven by fear. Those ways are rampant in our societies today, sadly. And this can be especially true in our relationships with others. We are motivated by selfishness and, in following that path, we cut ourselves off a little bit from that person, very often the person we love most. Wrong choice. We don't try and understand where they are coming from; we just try and push our own opinion forward and that often leads to senseless conflict. And conflict is always the wrong choice. If we are doing something for our highest good, then that is always for the highest good of the other person as well... and it's the way of peace. And that is, not just the responsible choice, but also the choice that leads to joy through an open heart.

The thing about a happy relationship is that it takes two people to create it. And it's so marvellous when it happens. Yet, sadly, there is a divorce epidemic that is rife in all our societies today, resulting from self-destructive wrong choices being taken usually by one partner more than the other for selfish ends. The consequence is deep hurt. The children suffer and, very often, it's the wife who has to make the right choices to keep the family boat afloat. Yes, every single member of our human family has the right of choice, man, woman and child. However, at the same time, every single one of us must take responsibility for the choices we make and see each one as a step along our path to the awakened heart where true joy is to be found.

So, we each one of us have the right of choice. Hurrah for that. The question is, do we make the right choice, following our hearts? Or are we tempted by the negative option, influenced by our ego, or fear or greed? It's clear which is the best way to go. The choice is ours. May your choices be blessed.

Wrio Russell will be in Chiang Mai from the 7th-23rd November preparing his programme of courses and treatments in Usui Reiki healing which he is due to give between mid-January and mid-March. You are welcome to contact him about training or treatments either at the Montri Hotel or via Mrs. Ampai Sheehan at Siam Spa.

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