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Biking for Orphans Education 3

Starting Date: 9 February 2007
Route: Three-day circle trip: Chiang Mai - Pai - Fang - Chiang Mai

In benefit for 17 orphans in the Thursday Club, a HIV/Aids support group at Red Cross Station 3, Chiang Mai.

A long term Zonta International Chiang Mai sponsored project

The Motivation

David Curtz on a previous fund-raising bike ride.
David Curtz on a previous fund-raising ride

After two successful fund-raising events, Mr. David Curtz has compassionately come forth to organize the "Biking for Education 3" charity event. David appreciates the work and dedication shown by the volunteers of Zonta International Chiang Mai. For over 15 years in northern Thailand, Aids has been devastating to families in Chiang Mai province. There are many families with a missing generation of fathers and mothers. Only the seniors remain to care for the defenseless youngsters. Particularly hard hit are young girls, who have little access to basic education taught in temple schools.

Since 1997, this situation was observed by volunteers of the Zonta International Chiang Mai at the Thursday Club, a support group for HIV/Aids infected and affected persons. After a survey was made of the group by the nurses of the Red Cross, it was determined there are many children with minimal access to education.

The funds raised through the Biking for Education 3 charity event will pay for education expenses for 17 pre selected orphans. The ride will cover 550 kilometers through the beautiful hills and mountains of Chiang Mai Province in northern Thailand during the most beautiful weather conditions of the year over a period of three days beginning February 9, 2007.

Cycling participants are asked to take advance pledges of donations from their own friends and family members. All riders are welcome to join for the entire circuit or ride in the area passing through their hometowns. Take this opportunity to urge friends, family and business colleagues to join Mr. David Curtz, a Canadian, and long time resident of Chiang Mai, Thailand to join the cyclists. A support vehicle with water and a seat for short rest will follow the entire circuit.

The Ride

David Curtz, whose company produces triathlon and bike clothing, has entered numerous endurance competitions, including the Laguna Phuket Triathlon and Ironman Canada. He is asking for pledges on behalf of the children for the 500 kilometer circle ride through Chiang Mai province. Pledges are welcome in either cash or in-kind donations that can be used directly by the children.

The objective of the event is to use sports to increase awareness of the plight of innocent children. Starting early on February 9th morning from the Chiang Mai 700 years Anniversary Stadium early, the route takes cyclists to Mae Taeng and overnight in Pai. Early February 10th, the riders cycle to Fang. On February 11th, Cyclists leave Fang to return to victory celebration in Chiang Mai with the finish line at the Chiang Mai 700 years Anniversary Stadium.


Donations can be made to:

For more Information

  • Direct to President Daranee Sophanasook, Parker's, 10/ 5 Huay Kaew Road. Chiang Mai. Tel.  053 218377, 053 406127
  • Direct to Past President Hope Watcharaprecha,  Siam Ty Construction Co Ltd. 412/1 Chiang Mai- Lampang Superhighway, Nongprakrang, Chiang Mai. Tel. 053 262691.
  • Direct to Past President Margaret Bhadungzong, Welcome to Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai Magazine, 6 Soi 1, Nah Wat Gate Road, Chiang Mai. Tel. 053 247083, 053 260705

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