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Boonsom's Spirulina Farm

Prof Jiamjit Boonsom began early spirulina research and development in 1983 when she held the position as Chief in the Thai Fisheries Unit. Later, with the full belief of the explicit healthfulness of spirulina, she spearheaded the Boonsom's Farm located in Mae Wang as province of Chiangmai's largest commercial spirulina development starting in 1996 with her husband an engineer, Mr. Somchye Boonsom.

Not likely to retire for a while the couple has developed nearly 100 rai in the agricultural area of Nakorn Ratchasima, Central Thailand. Their brand "Green Diamond One" or GD-1 is well known and respected throughout the world. Spirulina is a nutritious food source with its high content of amino acid and other nutrients.

Take the opportunity, when you are out Mae Wang way, to call in at the Boonsom's Spirulina Farm cultivating one of nature's marvellous weeds, a fresh water algae. View the growing ponds and generally relax in the beautiful views of the Doi Inthanon mountain range.

The benefits of spirulina algae were "rediscovered" by French maritime specialists in Chad, a former French colony, in the 1960s. The researchers saw a woman gathering floating algae, sun drying it and the tribe ate it as a daily staple.

In contrast, Boonsom's Farm started as a backyard venture in Bangkok. To overcome production problems, the Boonsom family moved to Chiangmai where the hilly environment and potable artesian water make cultivation easier. Khun Somchye said that unlike the Japanese, he had to rely on homegrown technology, using small plastic basins. This proved wise, as it minimized the risk of disease spreading through the whole farm. He designed a drying room that relied on the sun and reduced moisture content to 3.8%, eliminating odor problems in the process.

Spirulina is one of those food supplements which most of us should take but rarely do. It's a natural, multivitamin product which provides a wider spectrum of micronutrients than available from many other sources. For example, protein from prime, sirloin steak is around 20% of a 100 gram sample; protein from the same weight of spirulina is around 60-71% Granted, it may not taste as good as best sirloin but, if we're honest with ourselves, most of us could benefit from a few healthy changes in our diet. And taking a regular measure of spirulina -- either in capsule or powdered form -- would be one of those healthy diet moves.

This enterprising couple have moved into another type of life-style product, that is: coffee. They have introduced the first Cafe "Protino" now available in the Garden Cafe located in the KWiang Kaew Place on Wiang Kaew Road.

When you see the farm's sign board in Thai -- Sarai Gliewthong Farm -- that is the place you want to visit. Sarai in Thai means algae or (sea) weed and Gliew means twisting or spiraling pattern while Thong means gold (great value or success) instead of bluish green -- Khiew Talay (navy green). After gaining in-depth knowledge, you just might come away a healthier person!

South - and West out Mae Wang way

A great day excursion can be had by heading south from Chiangmai city. If, perhaps, you are already planning to visit the wood-carvers or handicrafts village at Hang Dong and Baan Tawai, then it is easy to extend the outing by continuing south to Sanpatong and turning right (shortly after Sanpatong District Office) to Mae Wang. Once off the main Chiangmai-Sanpatong road, about 20-21 kms from Airport Plaza intersection, it's a splendid drive through beautiful rural countryside. Rice paddies abound before the road climbs higher into the hills and, after passing the Baan Kad crossroads, a 12 km distance pole and later a drive way and the sign of SPIRULINA FARM on the left side can be seen opposite from Wat Sopa. Keep driving and following the sign instruction for another 2 kms, the SPIRULINA Farm is right there. On the way back to the main road, turn left and drive for another 2 kms to the district office, police station, and district hospital nearby each other on the hill. Another 5 kms will have you at the Elephant Camp in the subdistrict of Mae Win. Thick forests flank the road and a rushing river to your left -- it's a delightful spot to take a break and the good folk at the Elephant Camp are sure to welcome you. Treks and bamboo rafting trips can be taken anytime between 9.00 am. and 4.00 pm. but, for those wanting to catch the elephants at work and play, then aim to be there for 10.00 am. or 2.00 pm. You'll not be disappointed driving to the Elephant Camp at Mae Wang is an ideal excursion to combine with a visit to Hang Dong or Baan Tawai.

Benefits of Taking 8 Capsules a Day

  • Antioxidant beta carotene overcomes Vitamin A deficiency eye problems.
  • Digestible protein and B-vitamins bring recovery from malnutrition.
  • High iron eliminates anemia, the most common mineral deficiency.
  • Rare source of the essential fatty acid GLA regulates hormone system.
  • Unusual phytonutrients such as polysaccharides, sulfoglycolipids and phycocyanin boost the immune system to fight disease and infections.
  • Spirulina rebuilds intestinal flora to assist the assimilation of all food.
  • Spirulina offers more nutrition per acre than any other food. Spirulina delivers 20 times more protein per acre than soybeans, 200 times more than beef. By growing more spirulina, we can help stop cutting the last original forests to grow food. By bringing it into our personal lives, we become part of the solution to improve the health of our planet.
  • Spirulina is unique among blue-green algae because it has a long history of safe use. The Aztecs consumed spirulina in Mexico over five centuries ago. Indigenous people consume spirulina growing in African Lakes today. For the past 20 years, millions of people around the world have enjoyed it as a safe food supplement. In fact, the United Nations and the World Health Organization recommend spirulina as safe and nutritious for children.

Enquiries are welcome at www.greendiamondusa.com.

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