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Broadway Promise at The Playhouse, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Interview with Mr. David Paul Shrubsole

The owner. Mr. David Paul Shrubsole is a successful businessman operating popular restaurants and accommodations in Phuket and Bangkok for the past several years. His vision has been to set up The Playhouse where young, dedicated, career-ambitious Thais can raise the revel of the performing arts In Thailand. The performers lake pride in knowing that a percentage of the revenues from The Playhouse are donated to assist underprivileged children in the focal Chiang Mai districts.

Q: What is the Concept of The Playhouse

A: We offer an exciting addition to entertainment for everyone in Chiang Mal.

Our musical show is a different dimension. that is. a combination of Cabaret and Broadway. The typical cabaret shows seen In Bangkok. Pattaya and Phuket are not the style we present. When the audience sees our signature performances Chiang Mal, they will remember The Playhouse foe an earning of song and dance.

The stage directors emphasize the capability and artistic talents of each cast member in this multicultural environment. By nurturing the creative talents and aspirations of our thirty performers in the ensemble, The Playhouse has come to mean House of Enjoyment. It's the place for everyone to visit and to receive enjoyment in rearm.

The Playhouse Entertainment Complex has been designed who caveat in mind. Fran the exotic arrival has with its beautifully appointed lobbies. its outside entertainment facilities. a tavern-like wine bar and the luxurious 350 seat theater - all are created to be extremely environmentally aware. An amazing handicraft complex known as The Kinaree Park is a delightful surprise in the departure concourse for the guests to enjoy alter the performance of Sequins and Dance.

Scenes from The Playhouse

Q: Who are your customers?

A: Our customers are mostly from Europe and Asia specifically the Japanese. Malaysians, and Singaporeans. These nationalities we well acquainted with "Broadway" but Thais may misunderstand the Cabaret or Broadway to be nude shows or shows associated with sex ... maybe the pronunciation of The Playhouse sounds similar to Playboy? Or Penthouse?

We would like the local residents to come to see the show. Then, they will understand ours is of a professional level. We support the youth to master refined skills as men on this stage. Chiang Mal event nearer& have a venue with first class Performers and quality production.

Q: your plans for the future?

A: We Intend to set up The Playhouse Performing Ads Center (PPAC) to instruct in all fields of the performance arts like modem dance. acting and various disciplines. Our students will study with both working faculty and invited guest artists. We will cooperate with educational institutions to broaden the students' entertainment experience. For example. students graduating from The Playhouse Performing Ms Center have the Opportunity to be the staff at The Playhouse or In the CNX Movie World Studio (CNX-WOOD) aiming to be a hub of the movie industry In Asia in 2-3 years.

Thanks for the Interview Mr. David Paul Shrubsole. Nov that our readers know about The Playhouse Entertainment Complex. it's the time for you to come to support its fine objective for our young people to develop their natural talents as entertainers. The energetic performers put on a meat show and the audience enjoys watching as much as the cast enjoys performing. The Playhouse Is easy to find on Chotana Road near the Mercure Hotel.

The exterior of The Playhouse

Playhouse information: 177 Chanpuak Rd. Chiang Mai 50300. www.playhouse-chiangmai.com.

Bookings at Tel. 053 410 671-5
Performance Time: 8 pm and 10 pm. No Performance on Sunday.

The Stage Bar Garden with live bands nightly opens at 6 pm. The Stage Bar Two band from 9 pm - 10 pm, and the Spring Song Band from 11 pm -midnight. At the Kinaree Park. Eenjoy dinner before the show (50 seats). By Advance booking please.


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