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Care For Dogs:
A Chiang Mai Original

Airport Plaza, Chiang Mai, Dec. 2006: Namtaan, a very skinny dog roams around the parking area. She greedily goes after the food that we are offering her. She has venereal disease (VD), without medical treatment she will die a slow death. Around the corner, her 7 hungry puppies are waiting to be fed too. The guard tells us that Namtaan has been dumped here by her former owner. Who will sterilize Namtaan, bring her to the vet for VD-treatment, vaccinate, and feed her so that she doesn’t have to end her day with an empty stomach? Who will help to find Namtaan and her puppies a loving home?

This is one of the many cases we find on the streets and in temples of Chiang Mai.

The need for homeless dogs is overwhelming and instead of the planned 20 – 30 dogs, we are now caring for approx. 60 rescued dogs and puppies at our shelter in Hang Dong. We took them in after we found them dumped, sick, injured, abused, or planned on being sold to the meat market. We could take in many more puppies and dogs, but due to financial limits we have to concentrate on the most urgent cases. We find new homes for approx. 10 puppies and dogs a month, which gives us the chance to take in another dog as soon as we adopt one out. We are also committed to our work in various temples and areas in Chiang Mai where we organize sterilizations, medical care, vaccinations, and feeding programmes.

We do not receive government funds and depend on donations. Thanks to the help of generous individuals, as well as our own personal contributions and fundraising activities, we were able to finance our activities so far. However, due to the increased number of dogs we look after, it is getting more and more challenging for us to secure the payment of our costs. Here is the break-down of our average monthly costs for dogs at our shelter, in temples, and on streets:

Costs per monthBaht
Sterilisations of 20 dogs + cats16.000,--
Vet bills + medicine for shelter14.000.--
Vet bills for sick + injured street-/temple dogs20.000,--
Food for shelter10.000,--
Feeding programmes temples8.000,--
Rent for shelter/ Salary Dog Care Taker / Electricity / Maintenance of shelter / Misc.15.000,--
Total per month90.000,--

Would you consider sponsoring one of our shelter dogs? Or would you prefer supporting our activities by pledging for a monthly contribution (e.g. 250 Baht for vaccinating and deworming a puppy, 800 Baht for a sterilization, or 1’200 Baht for medical treatments such as VD)?

If you choose to help, please contact us directly or deposit to our bank account (see below).

I would like to support the activities of Care for Dogs with:

  • sponsoring a shelter dog with ……….. Baht per month
  • a monthly contribution of ………………….. Baht
  • a donation of ……………. Baht
  • a dog food donation

You can make a difference by donating today. Our dogs will wag their tails in thanks!

Kind regards,

Care for Dogs
Karin, Corinna, Amandine, Ally, Lyn,
Carolyn, & all other volunteers

Phone 081 907 32 60
Email: contact@carefordogs.org

Bank account:

Care for dogs (K. Hawelka / C. Gogel)
Siam Commercial Bank, Branch Hang Dong
Chiang Mai
Account-No. 681-2 24920-2

"Saving one dog won't change the world, but surely, the world will change for that one dog."

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