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The 2009
Chiang Mai Charity Calendar

Children Helping Children - Chiang Mai Charity CAlendar for 2009Chiang Mai's "Tourism Ambassador" is coming. It gets into homes and offices all over the world. Sits on the desks of politicians, diplomats and high-powered business people. It's unusual, picked up, and talked about, multiplying its promotional effect many times over. It's a super souvenir for tourists; makes a lovely gift for friends overseas. Companies may personalise it with their corporate message. Non-profit - created entirely by volunteers.

Now in its second year, the new 2009 "Chiang Mai Charity Calendar" features Delightful Lanna with paintings by students, plus photography and text. On sale in Chiang Mai from mid-August for Baht 100 at Rimping Supermarkets (all branches) La Luna Gallery and Tita Gallery. All proceeds donated towards the education of poor rural children. Support the desk calendar that's making a difference.

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