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Photo Wonders of Chiang Saen

Wat Pa-Sak
The ruin of Wat Pa-Sak is a very
important spot of Chiang Saen town.
long tail boats on the Maekhong
The long-tail boats are common transport all over the country, especially on the Maekhong border river.
Shan-style temple
A beautiful temple with Shan architecture is located in a little subdistrict on Myanmar side, north west of Chiang Saen.
Thai Lue weaving
An elderly woman of the ethnic Thai Lue is busy weaving cotton yardage, one of the cottage industries in her village.
long tail boats on the Maekhong
This uncle proudly shows how he routinely produces a beautiful bamboo craft used to cook sticky rice. It is filled with raw rice grains and placed over a pot of boiling water.
Shan-style temple
An elderly hilltribe woman in her usual role taking care of the household.
It is very usual to see and ride elephants somewhere and sometime in the north of Chiangrai.
long tail boats on the Maekhong
It is fun to see an open-air market of fresh seasonal foods in Chiang Khong, a small district town next to Chiang Saen.
young girls in costume
For a small tip, a group of young girls eagerly pose for pictures with visitors in front of the private museum "House of Opium"

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