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20th Anniversary of Chiangmai Zoo

penguins Everyone in Chiangmai is invited to participate in the 20th Anniversary of Chiangmai Zoo when all types of activities have been lined up for the community August 9-11, 1997.

The Chiangmai Zoo was turned over to the Zoological Department on June 16, 1977 and for 20 years the the site has been continuously developed and improved. The area has been expanded to include 1,000 rai, the cages housing the animals have been made more occupant friendly, animals on view now include over 500 species and constant education programs for zoo personnel have made it a modern zoo of today.

It's rated as one of the most beautiful zoos in southeast Asia and is a well known tourism attraction in northern Thailand.

For 3 days between August 9 and 11, the zoo will have all types of exhibitions from government and private organizations to educate the public on many environmental, nutritional and ecological topics. And it's a fair with shopping at economical prices organized by several Housewife Groups from the entire province.Appliances for domestic use will be available.

Public service exhibitions include free medical consultation, testing for blood disease, donating blood for the Queen's merit on Mother's Day. An exhibition about recommended plants that should be found in the family's herbal garden for the prevention and treatment of common diseases plus food supplements will be available. Demonstrations on how to sort rubbish for disposal will be of interest to students and families who are concerned about protecting our environment.

An added plus to encourage students is the announcement that any student wearing a school uniform can enter free plus no height limit will be imposed.

The Newest Residents are from a Cold Place!!

Penguins are birds with wings but they don't fly. They get around by walking, swimming, and running. They are agile enough for jumping and climbing on stone and ice. You may know only the cartoon character, Chilly Willy but have you ever seen a penguin up close? you will soon have the opportunity on your next visit to the Chiangmai Zoo. Ten penguins will be on display and permanently housed at the zoo.

In the southern hemisphere there are 18 types of penguins found in the seas flowing north from the south pole to South America, South Africa, South of Australia and New Zealand. Nearly every type of penguin has a black back with white chest and stomach. The King and Emperor are distinguished with golden yellow at the ears and violet mouth. The Yellow-Eyed is know for yellow rimmed eyes. Six other types are yellow crested : Macaroni, Royal, Rockhopper, Erect-crested, Snare crest and Fiordland. The tallest penguin at 3 feet high is the Emperor and the shortest at 30 cm high is the Little Blue.

The 215 square. meter area housing the penguin exhibit was built at a cost of Baht 3 million. The five zones are a 52 square meter air conditioned enclosure, 80 square meter open air enclosure, spacious 65 square meter public viewing room, storage/pantry area and sidewalk and stairs. The period of construction took about 120 days from September 1996 to January 1997.

The Chiangmai Zoo is a great place to take the family on an outing. The younger generation will become aware of the many creatures that inhabit the world.

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