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Chiang Rai: a cycling paradise

Ready for a bicycle tour in the beautiful Chiangrai area of Northern Thailand?

Up until now, you’ve had two choices " book a guided trip from Chiangmai (a two-day ride just to get there) or rent some bikes, buy a map and charge out on your own way.

Now you can get it all together right in Chiangrai!

Phulae Tours, owned by Phubordin, ‘Bee’, a personable young Thai man who has lived in Northern Thailand all of his 31 years, is open for business and is ready to give you the ‘buzz’ of a wonderful experience.

Phulae is the Thai name of “a small pineapple grown in the Chiangrai area you can eat,” as Bee explains.

Bee, has been for years a top guide working for one of the best European-owned bicycle touring groups based in Chiangmai, leading tours from one half day to six days throughout Northern Thailand.

Bee picked Chiangrai because of its rolling hills and beautiful mountain countryside. It offers a wonderful opportunity for riders to experience the Thai ways of life as you cycle by and visit Thai villages, farmers working their orchards and rice fields, and the many temples in the area.

Phulae Tours is the only bicycle touring group based in Chiangrai.

Bee has lived in Northern Thailand all of his life, spending his early years in a small village near the Burmese border, one hour from Chiangrai. He joined a monastery and was a monk for eight years in Chiangmai and diligently earned the ability to speak and write English fluently.

After he completing his certification as a tour guide, Bee guided bicycle tours during the week while putting himself through university earning a degree in Business English. He’s currently finishing his Masters Degree in Education, is writing his thesis and expects to graduate in 2009.

During his rides, Bee " a kind, gentle man with a warm smile " shares with you his knowledge and experiences as a Buddhist monk, and his vast experiences of life in the Lanna Culture of Northern Thailand.

You can stop and interact with the farmers, maybe even plant or cut some rice, and talk with the villagers. As clients often tell him, Bee’s excellent people skills, his English fleuncy, his knowledge of Lanna culture and Buddhism, along with his fun loving ways, make for an excellent relaxing trip and a safe wonderful experience for you.

So come and experience the breathtaking beauty of Northern Thailand that can only happen on a bicycle.

You’ll see, feel, and interact with real Thai culture in totally new ways. You’ll see the mountains of Myanmar, bike over to the Golden Triangle. And you’ll also understand why they call Thailand “the land of smiles and the land of yellow robes.”

Phulae Tours is one ‘Bee’ you’ll make a buzz about!

Phulae Tour leisure cycling and mountain biking in Chiangrai:

145 Moo 3, Baan Tha-Sai, T. Tha-Sai, A. Muang,
Chiangrai 57000
(about 3 kms from Highway intersection toward Terng)
Tel. 053-774506, Hotline 085-662-4347

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