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Chiangrai Annual Events Calendar

The following calendar of events for Chiang Rai province is provided by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chiang Rai Office. The varied groups residing in Chiangrai have their own unique way of celebrating events throughout the year. Bring your family and friends to Chiangrai to discover and appreciate the meaning of Thai culture that make the country so special and so different. We recommend that events be reconfirmed with the TAT Chiangrai Office, Singhaklai Road before traveling to the destination or phone TAT at Tel. (053) 717433, 744674-5. (When phoning use area code 053 except as noted.)

January 2001 : Mae Naam Wa rafting festival on the Mae Naam Wa River in Mae Jarim District in Naan province. It's great to be in the outdoors enjoying the ride on the river. Tel. (054) 769050.

Vermicelli noodle fest - Try the special recipe of "kanom jeen" noodles at this Phrae Province Festival. Lots of colorful products to see and buy here on Jan 2. Tel. (054) 522830.

15th National culture Festival - This annual festival highlights the Thai and International Exhibition of government and private enterprises at the Chiangrai Sport Complex. Contact Tel. 744047. (January 14-20)

Mengrai Mararaj - See the original artistic performances. Shop for goods from government and private enterprises at this exhibition. Tel. 711362 (January 26 - February 3)

February : Dok Seaw Blossoms - It's wedding season in the hilltribe culture. Visitors are invited to see the traditional performances and games at Baan Rom Fhai Thai on Phu Chee Fah in Chiangrai Province. For details contact Terng Provincial Office Tel. 795345 (Feb 12-14)

Chao Doi Sumpun - The Mountain Villagers Friendship Festival organizes Cultural Performances and Khantoke style dinner at Baan Huay Mae Sai. Contact "Paw Luang" Boonsri at 609080. (February 14)

March : THAI lua Heritage festival - The Thai Lua Heritage Festival is held at Wat Prathart Sobwaen in Chiang Kham District of Phayao. Thai Lua is a little known ethnic group with a rich culture of weaving and customs. Details at Tel. (054) 451995
April : Lanna THAI Heritage Conservation - The entire country observes regional cultural performances. Visit the Culture Hall located in the former city hall on Singhklai Road for the entertainment and local food market. Council of Cultural Affairs Tel. 744519 (April 2)

Songkran Boat Racing meet - Drive to Chiang Saen on the Mae Kong River to see the Prachao Lanthong Parade, Boat Racing competition among 3 neighboring countries and a variety of entertainment. Chiang Saen Provincial office Tel. 777110 (April 16-18)

Songkran festival - Visit Baan Naam Wa, Mae Jarin district of Naan province to see colorful cultural performances and exhibitions. April 12-14. Tel. (054) 796050

October : Mae Fah Luang days - Each year on October 21, the residents near the Royal Villa of Doi Tung pay respect to the HRH Princess Mother who constantly devoted her energy to many environmental and development projects that have greatly improved the lives and well-being of her subjects. Contact the Tourism & Service Center Tel. 767-015-7 ext.. 308,309
November : Dok Buatong Blossoms - Yellow sunflowers covering the mountains is a beautiful sight along with hilltribe performers on colorful costumes and games. A great afternoon on Baan Hua Mae Come hillside. Tel. 607001 (November.)
December : CHIANG RAI FOOD FESTIVAL - The Restaurant Association holds this annual fair highlighting popular restaurants in the Province. Activities include: Performances, games and demonstrations are activities at Bunbhaprakarn Road (mid-Dec)

"Akha Kong Phoo Kao" - Enjoy see the mini light and sound show at the Hilltribe Development and Assistance Center in Mae Chan. Tickets for the performance and dinner are available from Tourism Business Association at Tel. 601299

CHIANGRAI TEA AND HORTICULTURE FESTIVAL - See the festival at Dusit Island Resort Hotel. Tea is one of the important agriculture products from the mountains of Chiangrai. This event is sponsored by the Agriculture Cooperative Society of Chiangrai. See the exhibition and demonstration of tea plants and various shrubbery along with traditional performances, Chinese team ceremony and tea garden tour. Tel. 718790

Bicycle Racing - The route is a test of stamina when cycling from Doi Tung to Phu Chee Fha in support of drug resistance awareness campaign. Racing and dinner information from Wiang Kaen Police Department at Tel. 608081.

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