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Chur Medical Spa

Chur Medical Spa

THE CITY OF CHIANGMAI is bustling with the influx of many visitors coming to enjoy incredible new destinations be they eco-tours, new hotels or new spas. As more spas open to business, though the spa is newly opened it should not imply the owners and operators are without firsthand spa experience.

A good case in point are the owners of Chur Medical Spa, a perfect combination of nature and science. Dr. Sakda and Dr. Ampawan Apisariyakul being medical professionals both have long enjoyed receiving massage and taking natural remedies. Dr. Ampawan a licensed pharmacist with an in-depth knowledge of modern medicine. She has conscientiously studied every weekend for two years with traditional herbalists to learn all about traditional medicines and how herbs can be used to their fullest.

For a long time both she and Dr. Sakda often looked forward to having regular massage to reduce toxins that accumulate in the body. Working in the pressured field of medicine, they needed to relax and be in a quiet space on a regular basis. The massage places they had liked to frequent however allowed its hygienic standards to relax while service and amenities slowly fell below the standards the medical professionals were accustomed to accepting.

They seized the opportunity to open Chur Medical Spa when their longtime colleague had developed a line of Chur brand spa products to support various treatments. "We developed the Chur Medical Spa because we felt there was a demand by our own peer group as spa goers for hygienic facilities, caring therapists, and moderate prices. And we have had satisfying feedback in the short time that the spa has been open on Changmoi Road. The spa is the only one of its kind in this city location very convenient for foreign visitors staying in the tourist belt area on Moonmuang Road. The spa brings together my family members and nursing professionals we employ as therapists", says Dr. Ampawan.

The medical couple had long occupied a four story building on Changmoi Road where Dr. Sakda has established Sakda Dental Clinic. They transformed the facilities renovating the interior with plenty of warm local wood, private treatment rooms with showers and even two wooden tubs for milky baths. (The natural material tub is very appealing to women who most often choose the milky bath treatment.) Dazzling blossoms of Orchids plants in all tropical colors add to the beauty of interior decoration.

The popular treatments are : anti cellulite massage using specially formulated Chur oil, aromatherapy, body treatment, facial treatment, Thai traditional Massage, and Foot spa.

As clients sip herbal tea, therapists discuss with them the details of the treatments. The client can make their choice from the treatment menu. From the first contact with the staff, clients feel the warm friendly family-like exchanges with the therapists and staff who have known the two doctors for many years. If foot massage is requested, the area for reflexology is on the ground floor. Most other treatments take place on the third floor with private showers and massage beds. Choose either traditional Thai massage or oil massage. The center is filled throughout with a wonderful aroma of essential oils. The mint bath cream is delightful to the senses. The line of Chur creams and oils used in the spa can be purchased for use at home.

A number of clients have been mothers and daughters who enjoy the treatments so much they seriously consider learning the skills of massage. Training courses are the next natural step in the development of the family owned business.

Open daily. Visit Chur Medical Spa at 265 Changmoi Road to see the facilities and enjoy treatments.

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