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Fantastic Cultural Presentations
April 9 -16 at CMU Art Museum

Opening with a spectacular procession of artisans, dancers and musicians is a week-long Festival of inclusive traditional and cultural craft events, running from the9th until the 16th of April 2004 at Chiang Mai Art Museum, Nimmanhemin Road, opposite the Ton Payom Market.

Follow the Footsteps of Traditional Artisans is a gathering of artists and artisans who play a role in the development of sustainable arts and culture within their own communities. This Festival has been organised to include artists working in traditional crafts, dance, music and live performance - but also tapping into and developing inclusive, arts and crafts based workshops, on an artist-to-artist/child-to-child/community-to-community level.

Throughout the Festival's week-long programme, members of the public can enjoy a continuous series of participatory workshops, events and performances from 9.00 in the morning until 23.00 at night, including:

  • a Krong Luang (Big Drum) competition
  • textile weaving workshops
  • ongoing daily Lanna Saa paper lantern-making based on traditional Lanna/Burmese styles depicting satirical cartoons and
    children drawings, which will be displayed throughout the week culminating in a mass lighting for Songkran/Thangyat on the 15th itself
  • Basketry, pottery and wood carving
  • Lanna food cooking competions

Truly an event for all the family: fun; bustling; accessible; and in the run up to the common "water festival" of the New Year celebrations, if you get soaked en-route or on your way home you can always buy a spare "Moh Hom" shirt, change and escape from the deluge outside the Museum's grounds.

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