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Compassionate Response

The signs are there, aren't they: the Tsunami, intense monsoon floods, the increasing power of hurricanes like Katrina and Rita. Yes, we are at the mercy of nature's momentous power which, when it wants, can snuff out human life like ants being trodden underfoot. You would have thought that, with all our technology and so called cleverness, we would have nature tamed by now but the truth is we never will. It is deeply humbling. Nature is boss and every member of our vast human family is a part of nature's world. Not only that, but it seems that nature is getting angrier by the minute, perhaps because our perception of our relationship with her has long been misguided and has led us to abuse both her power and her bounty. The first thing we have to realise is that nature can do without us but we cannot do without her and, now, she is giving us some major lessons to learn from. Will we learn?

The most heart-warming result of these terrible events has been the expression of human compassion which has flowered around the world, enabled by the marvels of modern systems of communication. The response to the Tsunami tragedy was wondrous, an outpouring of generosity by peoples from every continent, who unwittingly gave credence to the reality of our global human family. We are one. We may not always agree and our religious, racial and cultural differences may sometimes keep us apart and lead us to do terrible things to each other. We are human, after all, and our consciousness is not always all it should be. Yet, as the sum total of our human awareness slowly rises, which it seems to be, so our hearts become ever more open to greater love and compassion. Yes, there is a greater awareness of our oneness. Is this not one of the lessons that nature is leading us to, that by our response to such natural disasters we can raise the sum total of human consciousness? And is not the raising of consciousness the one and only way we can ultimately save our wonderful planet? By the transmission of our compassion humanity moves to another level. Surely, out of these disasters, especially the Tsunami, something good has come. For where there is compassion there is hope.

"But when we have literally touched our true nature, we find that it finds joy in meeting the moment of need."


This global outpouring of compassion has rippled upwards as a groundswell of feeling from ordinary people regardless of their leaders, particularly in the case of the Tsunami when our politicians were stuffing themselves with Christmas fare and the press was by-and-large playing jingle bells. For ten days it was mainstream news and world consciousness took an upward leap. With America's Katrina disaster, despite the illuminating ineffectiveness of the world's most powerful nation, once again human compassion was aroused around the world, and especially within the United States where the generosity was overwhelming. Human giving rather than human greed always makes the best story as its transmission raises our spirits and touches our hearts. However, especially in the case of Katrina, the ugly head of the blame culture, one of America's least savoury exports, did, sadly, hit the headlines, although ordinary decent people today are sickened by this symptom of a passing age and are concerned only with the plight of those caught up in these tragic natural disasters. Compassion is the chord that now gets played at times like these.

Slowly, slowly growing, there's a new way, now. The light of the divine rests somewhere within the heart of every member of our human family and these disasters unlock the key to people's hearts and their first response is compassion and giving. They want to help. In a sense, maybe each one of us knows that a natural disaster can strike anywhere, anytime. We are all in this together and, no matter if the unscrupulous want to make capital out of human suffering, the majority of us are moved only to caring and compassion. We no longer want confrontation and the cult of them and us. That is the old way. Instead, we seek a peaceful world where cooperation and understanding are the order of the day. We know in our heart of hearts that, how people have responded to the Tsunami and other natural disasters, is how we all want to be, with that sense of oneness and the light shining from our hearts. Then we know we are in touch with the truth of our being and not with our illusory ego self. This is the new way. Let us see how well we can carry the lesson of compassionate response into our everyd ay lives.

"So this devotion to Truth becomes a movement of compassion, not only for ourselves but for others, and we start to see that what we do for ourselves, we automatically do for others."


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This article is from the The Light: The Reiki Way Autumn 2005 written by Wrio Russell.

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