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Cycling to Historic Places

Tour 1:
Visit historical places associated with
the foreignpresence in Chiangmai.

FOR THE VISITOR to Chiangmai who wants toget off the beaten track of organized tours in air conditioned coaches, why not try thesetours that you can take by yourself or with a few friends? The distances between pointsin the following suggested tours are not great, so rent a bicycle if you like exercise,or a motorcycle if you don't. For a leisurely tour hire a pedal tri-shaw, called a "saamlaw", to take you and learn something of the history of Chiangmai.

Since the late 19th century there has been a sizable foreign presence in Chiangmai. Some were educators and missionaries or diplomats in those early days but most were traders and workers involved in the cutting and export of teak to Britain and Europe. In December the young foreign men who worked up in the teak forests would come down to the city to join in the festivities held between Christmas and New Year; church socials, parties at the old British Consulate, or games of polo and cricket at the Gymkhana club. The following are places you can visit to get a feeling for the history of foreigners in Chiangmai.

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