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Cycling to Historic Places

Tour 4: Study the history of
Chiangmai's founder, King Mengrai,
through visiting ancient sites

Chiangmai's founder was a remarkable man, one of the monarchsmemorialized in the Three Kings' Monument together with two other Sukhothai era kings whospread Thai influence into the North of the country. This memorial is a suitable startingpoint for your visit to points in the city associated with King Mengrai.

Wat Chang Mun
1. Go from the monument to Wat Chiang Mun. This was the first temple that King Mengrai built in the city and the area was also his temporary residence to enable him to control construction of the city. The temple contains two ancient Buddha images, one small one carved from crystal which is believed to have the power to bring rain, and another in the Indian style of a thousand years ago.
Wat Goo Pra Jao
Now visit the Goo Pra Jao Khakhing Mengrai which is located behind Chareon Motors. This is the site where King Mengrai was killed by lightning.

3. Move on to Wat Pra Jao Mengrai, which contains the Pasanareut Buddha image, a standing Buddha in the attitude of forbidding his relatives to fight. King Mengrai ordered this Buddha image cast after the construction of Chiang Mai was complete. Take special note of the doors of the building containing the image. They are the artistry of northern craftsmen, and considered to be the most beautiful in the city.

Wat Pra Sing 4. Continue to Wat Pra Singh to pay your respects to the Phra Phut Sihing Buddha image, which is in the Chiang Saen style. This Buddha image is especially important to the people of Lanna. Also pay your respects to the Phra Phutamengrai, a Buddha image which Burmese slaves cast to honor King Mengrai.

NOTE: If you haven't taken the circle the city part of tour two, this might be a good time to do it while your thoughts are on Chiangmai's colorful, ancient history.

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