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Chiang Mai Disabled Centre

February 2003

Contact: Norman Saunders.

Komchan FamilyThe photographs shows the handover of the latest special, custom built wheelchair, made by local mechanics, with locally supplied materials, at Freedom Wheelchairs, a branch of Chiang Mai Disabled Centre.

The recipient is 9 year old Komchan Saeyang (pictured with his parents) who lives in Mae Rim. The chair was kindly donated through our sponsorship program by Anthony and Wasana Harris of Chiang Mai.

Komchan has been severely disabled from birth and until now his parents have had to carry him everywhere. The provision of this chair, which his family was too poor to purchase, will greatly enhance Komchan's quality of life and that of his parents.

The Freedom Wheelchairs workshop also makes children's walking frames, a number of other products to assist disabled people and can manufacture specialist physiotherapy equipment to order.

Over the past year over 40 children, young adults and some older recipients lives changed for the better by receiving a wheelchair specially designed for their disability and made to fit their size and shape.

A 'buggy' with head support, table and harness has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Cerebral Palsy sufferers, which is now regarded by many working in disability and development, as the "new Polio". Anyone working in this field who visits the poorer rural areas of Thailand cannot fail to be shocked at the numbers of C.P. children hidden away in the villages. Presently the Chiang Mai Disabled Centre is trying to develop a 'Wheelchair Follow up Program', which as well as keeping a check on the chairs themselves, will give training to families and their communities aimed towards helping these children develop and gain a better quality of life.

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