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Chiang Mai Disabled Centre

November 2003

Contact: Norman Saunders.

Mr Don Willcox (left, co-founder of Chiang Mai Disabled Centre), Ambassador Dr McAlister,Mr Geoff Thorsby (wheelchair engineer), the Ambassador's brother and (far right) Christine Munro (Canada Fund), with mobility products.
The Canadian Ambassador to Thailand, Dr Andrew McAlister, recently visited the Chiang Mai Disabled Centre as part of a fact finding visit to Chiang Mai. He was accompanied by his brother and the director of The Canada Fund, Christine Munro. Canada, through the Canada Fund, has been a generous supporter of the Centre, having donated the computers for the disabled students study centre.

The ambassador toured the Centre and spent some time discussing its work and the problems encountered by northern Thailand's disabled population, with founder Mr Don Willcox and centre staff, (who are themselves disabled) and volunteers.

He then visited the Centre's Wheelchair workshop ( photo attached) to inspect its range of custom made wheelchairs and mobility aids and was briefed on the mobility/CBR(community based rehabilitation) project and its accompanying sponsorship program.

For more information about the work of Chiang Mai Disabled Centre, visit the website at http://disabled.infothai.com/ - e.mail: assist@loxinfo.co.th or telephone 053-213941

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