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Distance from Chiangmai
to Popular Northern Destinations

Below is a list of subdistricts, districts, bullet towns, cities, and provinces together with the distance from Chiang Mai for those who would like to rent a motorbike or car and drive by their own. Before driving off check on a map for mountain ranges you will encounter during the trip. Although the distance looks short, driving through the mountains will add to the time of arrival.

All distances in Kilometers
bullet Chaipragarn 130
bullet Chiang Dao 73

Chiang Rai 182
bullet Doi Saket 14
bullet Doi Tao 100
bullet Fang 155
bullet Hang Dong 11
bullet Hord 88
bullet Jomthong 58

Kampaengpet 337

Lampang 92

Lampoon 21
bullet Mae Ai 176

Mae Hong Song 342
bullet Mae Jaem 110

Mae Malai 37
bullet Mae On 40
bullet Mae Rim 16

Mae Sariang 150

Mae Sord 370

Mae Taeng 40
bullet Mae Waang 60

Nan (Naan) 318
bullet Omgoi 130

Pai 174

Phayao 222

Phitsanuloke 333

Phrae 201
bullet Prao 107
bullet Samerng 48
bullet Sankamphaeng 10
bullet Sarapee 20

Sukothai 298
bullet Sunpatong 25
bullet Sunzai 30

Tak 263

Tatorn 176

Uttaradit 231
bullet Wiang Hae 120

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