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Visit the Phrao Countryside
and enjoy your stay at "Doi Farang" Bungalow

Doi Farang Bungalow Visitors looking to get away from the city for a few days would do well to head for the small, quiet, non-polluted provincial town of Phrao, about 95 kms. north of Chiangmai. Phrao is well known for its surrounding mountains and hilltribe peoples, small local temples, a nearby elephant training center, a cave, orchid farm and hot springs.

For a faster drive, take Highway 107 north out of Chiangmai and cut east to Phrao via Road 1150. Stop to visit the Chiang Dao Cave along Highway 107.

For a more scenic country drive, take Route 1001 north out of Chiangmai directly to Phrao. There are several stops along the way. Take some time out for a dip in the Bua Tong Waterfall or visit the famous Wat Doi Mae Pang.


Because Phrao is surrounded by mountain ranges, the jungle is very close to town. Bizarre, high mountains dominate the ground views from the valley of the farmlands. This lovely valley is dotted with villages and colorful temples, and highlighted by a constantly changing, dazzling sunset.

Various hilltribes are within walking distance from town. Visitors have easy access to surrounding villages and can watch the people working in their small and original industries, like producing brown sugar or making pottery and artistic items, statues, pots, and vases in an old, traditional way. Most of these tribes are Akha, usually donning their exotic and beautiful costumes for the tourists. They are friendly and generous, and always happy to meet and entertain foreigners when they visit.

Another tribe, the Lahu, (the Thai call them Museur, meaning "hunters"), is also nearby, as are several Lisu villages. Visitors often admire the people wearing their colorful dresses. Many Lisu people bring their fruits and vegetables to sell in the local market in Phrao. The friendly and gentle Karen villages are accessible by 4WD vehicle. Visitors can watch them weaving cloth, traditional shirts and bags.

Other attractions include temples decorated with old wooden ornaments and beautiful wall and ceiling paintings, and the nearby Taeng Dao Elephant Training Center. Even a hot springs is nearby. Remember to take some eggs with you to boil in the hot water. Locals love to watch visitors do this. Flower enthusiasts MUST see the nearby orchid farm.


Doi Farang BungalowThis comfortable lodging complex is located at the bottom of a mountain slope with a fantastic view of the valley.

The bungalows are newly-built from brick and beautifully laid out, integrated nicely with orchards of mango, longan, grapefruit, and jackfruit trees. Guests can also find and enjoy the taste of two kinds of bananas, pineapple, passion fruit, "farang" or guava fruit, and manao (a small and juicy kind of lime), along with many different kinds of Northern Thailand's flowering bushes, palms and trees.

Each bungalow has a comfortable "western style" bathroom with H/C shower, a sitting corner with TV and a very big terrace.

There are also six historic former rice barns, standing high off the ground and overlooking the whole facility. They are rebuilt, restored, modified, and decorated to live in. Three rice barns are connected with each other by a walkway leading to the outside toilet and shower block. The comfortable showers also have hot and cold water. The other three rice barns have easy walkways to the big "Western Style" shower house with H/C water.

Three of the rice barns have a very big room, with a double bed and single beds. The other three are kept in their very original style and have one double bed. All rice barns have an inside sitting corner, fan, and an outside sitting place on their spacious terraces.

The Lanna House has four very spacious rooms, each with two single beds and a big sitting area. All rooms are connected with a big outside terrace with sitting areas to relax and enjoy the view of the mountains and the nearby villages.

The property (about 15 rai equaling 24,000 sqm) is planted with fruit trees, palms and bushes, and three natural ponds are home for the local Pla Rin fish (Silverfish), which makes a delicious dish.

Guests strolling through the property and the orchards will find a vast collection of fascinating traditional working implements collected from the surrounding villages and temples.

The restaurant also a former old teak wood rice house has been refurbished in a comfortable rustic style, with a seating capacity of up to 65 people. It may also be used as a conference and meeting room. It's near the swimming pool and also serves as a popular meeting point in the resort. From the large outside terrace, built and furnished with old and original teak woods, you can enjoy the view overlooking the valley.

Central Thai and European food are served, along with Northern Thailand's hot and spicy "LANNA STYLE" food. As much as possible, organic vegetables and fruits are used, especially hand selected rice and the special, tasteful hilltribe rice. Its not treated with any chemicals. The Phrao area is known throughout Thailand for growing quality and tasteful rice and fruits. Many products from here are exported all over the world.


Address: 203/1 Tambon Pa Nai, Amphur Phrao, Chiangmai 50190, Tel/Fax: 053-474392, Mobile 01-8850588. For Reservations Tel/Fax: 053-474392. E-mail: info@doifarangbungalow.com

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