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Ecotourism in Chiangmai ...

Protecting and Encouraging the Cultures of this Unique Area

The largest attraction of Chiangmai and northern Thailand is ecotourism. Trekking, cycling, 4-wheel drive, white water rafting, bamboo rafting, alternative accommodations, home stays. You name it and northern Thailand has it all. A few of the diverse highlights, visitors can enjoy are described in this column..

Yellow Leaves Mlabri Hunting Tribe Adventure, Nan province

Best opportunity to meet Mlabri, the last hunting tribe society in Thailand (190), Lao (67). You can experience camping out in a banana shelter with Mlabri family. Also listen to their history and assist their needs. Everyone seems to be involved for their welfare... (e.g. Missionary, Hmong, Lowlanders, government, Tour Company) but what does this tribe really feel about this? Contact the Siam Adventure Tours.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Umphang, Tak Province

If you have ever dreamed about taking an elephant safari with all the luxuries of the great hunters in Africa, then you'll have an experience of a lifetime on this adventure. Umphang, a region of outstanding and largely unspoiled natural beauty in northwestern Thailand, contains one of the largest, intact forests within Southeast Asia. Thi Lo Su waterfall is described as Thailand's Niagra, a large and breathtaking waterfall with its 3 levels , falling over 300 m through densely forested hillside. All Thailand Experiences offers the luxuries that ensure full nights's sleep along with the most adventure.

Contact All Thai Experiences on the internet at: www.all-thailand-exp.com

Live among the Hilltribes

Enjoy a new type of eco tourism, protecting and encouraging the cultures of this unique area. Daily departures, pick up from your hotel, expert guides. Remote Jungle trail, easy mountain biking, exciting elephant ride, white water rubber rafting, and meet the hilltribes as friends. The accommodation of a charming bamboo cottage set in beautiful, unspoiled mountain scenery offers an authentic hilltribe experience with all the comfort of a resort lodge.

Book at : East - West Siam Co., Ltd. Downtown Inn Hotel Tel.: (66 53) 281789, 204661, Fax: (66 53) 281788

Fast Fading Hilltribe Tradition

The Lahu Shi Ban Lan Village is where the last remaining older women keep the tradition of primitive ear lobe jewelry. Getting to the village is by the elephant riding. Plus many activities included in this trip.

Contact Chiangmai Catteleya Tour in the Amity Green Hills Hotel at Tel. 223991 or 223992

Khuntan National Park Trekking

This trek is designed for 2 nights jungle, hilltribe Trekking in the new destination, including 1 night home stay with northern Thai family. Also enjoy cycling through countryside, farmlands, villages, homes and seeing the Thai way of life. Designed for moderate trek. Accommodations are in wooden bungalows. Located in Lamphun Province not too far from Chiangmai. A convenient place for those who don't have time to trek in faraway destinations. Contact Siam-Adventures Tours.

Country Lifestyle on a Farm

Seasoned travellers like to get out and work with the country folk. On this home stay you can learn how to plant rice, vegetables and plenty of other activities that go into to operating a cash crop farm in northern Thailand. Guide the family water buffalo through its paces. Though it's arduous work during the day, the accommodations are more than comfortable plus there's a garden with a sparkling stream at the edge. For Accommodations at the Roenrarm Family Farm in Mae Rim contact Rowaco Tours, Tel. 053 853320, 224663

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