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Here is the Story of Pung Kammee.

by Soraida Salwala, Director
Friends of the Asian Elephant
e-mail: fae@loxinfo.co.th.

Name : Pung Kammee (Pung means female elephant , Plai is male)
Age : 54
Former Owner : Mr. Putt Kaewtiwong
Present Owner : Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE)

Pung Kammee came to our Elephant Hospital on the 28th of April 1997. I met her one month after her arrival. I learned from the previous report that she could not survive, having been abused for so long as a working elephant in the forest and with the prognosis of having been treated with amphetamines. Her condition deteriorated and she finally collapsed. We tried to retrieve her from the coma. It took 6 months for her to revive. The massive wounds on both her shoulders and all over her body were a sad sight. I could not have imagined how a person was that cruel to her. We treated the wounds and gave her vitamins, Anti-parasitics, Catosal, Glucose etc.

In October 1997 Kammee was eating better and gained more weight. I went to visit her and she cried, wept with big drops of tears from both eyes when I talked to her. I asked her keeper what happened. He told me that the owner of Kammee came yesterday and mentioned that since she was gaining back her health he wanted to sell her. I touched her checks saying, " Kammee, my dear! No one can hurt you any more. You will stay right here with me and your friends. Don't cry ".

I was not there to witness this, I could not believe it. Kammee wept even more. I calmed her and wiped away the tears. Poor thing ! She knows what is going on. I fought with the owner through the vet since the owner did not come when I was at the place. (I go there every month or sometimes twice,depending on what is happening).

Finally on the 22nd of January this year he agreed to sell Kammee to FAE for Bht 80,000.00 Today Pung Kammee is still very nervous. She is scared of noise and strangers. She can never go back to work again. ( That owner wanted to sell her to a logger) I would have fought to the death if the man had sold her to others. I met her a few days ago, although she is still nervous and there are tears on her face when she sees me, I know they are tears of joy. She loves me. That's all I know.

Thank you for helping us fight for the elephants, please contact FAE on where to send contributions. Mr. Teerawat Chanabhai, Fundraising Executive ( Special Events )

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