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The essence of Tao Garden

Tao Garden Wellness Retreat is more than a Spa. Mantak Chia founded the Tao Garden over ten years ago in the peaceful hamlet of Doi Saket, Chiang Mai northern Thailand. Tao Garden is the realization of Master Chia's vision of a Taoist way of life. It was originally settled in 1994 for the students of Master Chia's Taoist practices. Six years later the Pakua Integrative Medical Clinic was added, and since then guests include many that have not previously known about Master Chia's practices, but come to boost their health and pick up some Chi Kung, Tai Chi Meditation or Yoga on the way. Guests nowadays come from all countries of the world and as the words of "regaining good health" spreads.

The Universal Healing Tao System was developed by Master Mantak Chia, who after first learning Buddhist Meditation, through 40 years of research combined Taoist Chinese Exercise and Meditation with insights gained from Thai and Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Western Holistic Medicine and Integrative Medical Technology. His approach to well being embraces physical, emotional and spiritual health, working with the body, the mind, and the spirit. Throughout the world, the system has, at present, over 3000 certified instructors and practitioners teaching hundred thousands of students the Taoist Arts, from Healing to Tai Chi, offering benefits ranging from stress relief to spiritual immortality and longevity.

During lunch at the Kwan Yin Dining Hall, we enjoyed food organically grown on the premises. The fruit and vegetable orchards are regulated and cycled naturally and from the fields the herbs, sprouts, tropical fruits and flowering cabbages come to the kitchen, to be prepared with loving care. A recent introduction before a meal are "Five Powers of Juice" such as Noni juice that has been researched extensively by German researchers. Next, Triphala Amalaki or Indian gooseberry, Malva nut and Mangosteen juice. Though juice taken fresh is ideal, the finalized process of natural distillation increases the shelf life to three months enabling off premises sales. The component of EM or "effective microorganism" introduces to the body friendly bacteria to dissolve toxins, ease bowel movement, and fight off bad bacteria and when taken after colonics.

Sweet yam soup served warm is a mixture of coconut, potato and ginger. The yam strengthens spleen. Coconut is now considered a good oil for the body. The organic salad was a colorful, beautiful arrangement of several lettuces, mint, sesame, quail eggs, beets, red cabbage, sunflower seeds, mungbean sprout, carrots, alfalfa, corn with a dressing of balsamic vinegar, cumin and olive oil. Master Chia described the mungbean as an embryo of life with such power to grow into a tall beautiful tree. A kitchen for preparing vegetarian food under strict control is soon to be in place. Master Chia believes that a proper diet depends on the person, for some of us that would mean vegetarian, but for most of us some source of animal protein is necessary. For some people it may be healthy to eat lots of raw food, but for most of us cooking the food properly will aid digestion. If we look into our evolution, humans evolved to live longer, having bigger bodies, and developing depth of intelligence only after they learned about fire and cooking food properly. Cooking food kills parasites and bacteria and the body can daily digest it more easily. The human body cannot digest raw carbohydrates very well. Most importantly, all food must definitely be 100% organic, free from chemicals and grown in clean earth.

The Pakua Center Health Spa and Medical Clinic has something for everyone. A Holistic Medical Doctor assesses your general health condition in a consultation, then draws up a specific treatment and exercise program. A Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor provides pulse and tongue diagnosis and may prescribe herbal medicine or acupuncture. Ayurvedic treatments are available, supported by herbal formulas some of which are prepared on the premises. High quality Thai Massage, Tendon Stretching and Ayurvedic Oil Massages are part of the extensive range offered and when these are combined with other treatments such as Colonics, Chelation and Ozone Therapy, your detox course is perfect. Especially famous and unique are the Chi Nei Tsang and Karsei Nei Tsang treatments, of which Tao Garden is the World Headquarters. These massage techniques afford deep organ detox massage for internal organs.

At Pakua Center live blood analysis is used as a consultation for Health Spa guests by taking a tiny bit of blood from the tip of the finger. In a few seconds one can see his/ her blood structure on the monitor. The Dark Field Microscope Technology shows the live foreign invaders in the blood, e.g. harmful entities as fungus, parasites, bacteria and viruses are detected and eliminated.

The flotation tank similar to a very large clam shell was originally conceived by the Nasa Space Agency to mimic the state of zero gravitation, some 40 years ago. Scientists started the use of Floatation Tanks to more easily reach higher states of consciousness. The experience of floating in the water reminds of our stay in the womb, where perfect shelter from the outside world, combined with a perfect match of fluidity and temperature kept us in a blissful state all the time. It is recognized for its great healing for the mind. A physical therapist is always on hand to assist through the treatment.

At the dental clinic, holistic dentists remove the Amalgam fillings that are known to leak mercury into the blood, as questions have arisen worldwide about the safety of dental amalgam relating to its mercury content. Today, they are several choices of material for replacing amalgam fillings with enamel and white gold, when it comes to selecting materials to repair missing, damaged or decayed teeth.

Tao Garden offers unique, comfortable accommodations for the quiet and serene atmosphere required for rejuvenating and escaping busy city life and its daily stress. All the health conscious people in the world who wish to improve health are welcome to avail themselves to a superior lifestyle. Knowing Master Chia's practices means to achieve physical stamina, mental health and stress management. Or simply come to relax and forget today's bustling society in an oasis of quiet elegance and profound transformation.

Whatever people wish for or need to heal, at Tao Garden, they can learn to seek help from the universe. Much more they can learn to be happy, to appreciate and to enjoy good health along with their personal success. The spirit of good air, good water, good food is the essence of the Tao Garden. To have a happy life, actively detox the emotions and cultivate good virtue. For enquiries, bookings or transportation: TAO GARDEN, Doi Saket, Tel. 053-495596. Complete retreat to improve health.


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