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Your Face Tells All, Part 1

YOU FIND YOURSELF IN Agroup of people, one of whom is quite talkative, and another is quite sexy. And then you notice that each of these people has a noticeable facial characteristic that you didn't see at first. The man has a small mole on his lip, and the sexy lady has a small red birthmark under her chin.

For most Thai people, fortune, wisdom, manner, habit, luck, profession, marriage, family, love life, etc., are under the influence of their birth time, and are evidenced by palm lines, fingerprints, facial features, moles, birthmarks, etc. For this reason, fortune-tellers use some of these characteristics to predict the futures of their clients.

Various marks are classified by our ancient hermit into three different anatomical categories:

  1. Mole ("Fhai") - a small black bead on a person's skin.
  2. Birthmark ("Bpaan") - flat, discolored portions of skin, which may be thick or thin, red or black, which were present at birth.A birthmark may sometimes also be hairy.
  3. Freckles ("Khee Maeng Wan") small spotted skin discolorations which may have been present at birth, but also might be caused by excessive exposure to the sun, or by aging. The fortune-tellers, however, do not pay attention to freckles in making their predictions.

Mole or Birthmark on Scalp

Our hermit would predict that this man is patient, tough, cool, loyal, honest, prudent, and careful. He will achieve success in his profession around the age of 47 years. His name will be recognized and well-known due to his success and hard work since his early years. He cares about his pride, fame and family recognition and he will be very happy during his retirement years. His fortunate wife is from a family of high status, either from wealth or intellectual attainment.

The prediction is that this lady is gentle, neat, polite, generous, kind, prudent and intelligent. She is a responsible person in her duties and assignments. During her mature years, she will find her real lover or future husband, who will either be much older or much younger than she is. In their relationship, she is not aggressive. She also likes charity work.

Mole or Birthmark on Forehead

A man with a mole or birthmark on his forehead or even in between his eyebrows, is kind and likes to help people, because he has confidence in himself and his ideas. He reaches success by his own efforts. He has pride and integrity, and prefers action to talk. He feels uncomfortable asking people for help, or interrupting their activities. He does not like to take advantage of other people, and is a good family man.

In general, a mole or birthmark on a lady's forehead indicates that she loves peace, justice, religion, culture, tradition and has a strong sense of morals. She is diligent, but not overly acute. For this reason, she is insecure, and quite often has to deal with being jealous of other people. If her future husband is more intelligent, he will be able to strengthen her life and future. He probably has been married before, and his home city is very far away. She likes to follow current matters instead of constantly looking into the past.

Mole or Birthmark on the Median Line of the Forehead or Skull

The median line starts at the hairline, down through the forehead, between the eyebrows and over the top part of the nose. A man with such a mole or birthmark likes to have fun, to socialize, to enjoy entertainment and humor. He has quickness of mind and intelligence. He likes to learn from experience as he seldom has luck or fortune on his own, unless someone adores him. He may not be wealthy, but may be well known in an artistic field. There will be a good chance for him to travel abroad. It is very difficult for him to find the right person to marry. This lady is quite independent and has a lot of confidence in herself. She likes to do things which she considers appropriate, including social gatherings, having fun and romance. She has quickness of mind and is intelligent, however she lacks prudence and a sense of caution. She is often faced with unfortunate matters and unhappy moments, including jealously of someone that she cannot get along with. She probably will meet the right man in her later years.

Mole or Birthmark on the Left or Right Temple

He loves to be neat, polite, gentle, solemn, quiet and religious. He is wise and thoughtful. He is humble and realistic. He has a nice life as a child, but has a rough time in his teenage years, especially in romance and financial matters. After the age of 22 years, he slowly gains some happiness. Several people often treat him unfairly, however, others respect him due to his integrity, fairness, morality and education. He should get married after 25 years of age. His future wife should be a little younger, slender, educated and financially stable.

She is polite in both manner and conversation. She is honest and loyal. She is about average in terms of intelligence. She is cool and careful, although she often relies on other people's advice and help. She is often sick during her younger years. She can always get help when it is needed. After middle age, she could be lucky and receive a fortune that unexpectedly turns her life around. Her family will become secure and will be much respected by others. Her future husband is either wealthy, well-educated or both.

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