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Your Face Tells All, Part 2

For most Thai people, fortune, wisdom, manner, habit, luck, profession, marriage, family, love life, etc., are under the influence of their birth time, and are evidenced by palm lines, fingerprints, facial features, moles, birthmarks, etc. For this reason, fortunetellers use some of these characteristics to predict the futures of their clients. Various marks are classified by our ancient hermit into three different anatomical categories:

  • Mole ("Fhai") a small black bead on a person's skin.
  • Birthmark ("Bpaan") flat, discolored portions of skin, which may be thick or thin, red or black, which were present at birth. A birthmark may sometimes also be hairy.
  • Freckles ("Khee Maeng Wan") small spotted skin discolorations which may have been present at birth, but also might be caused by excessive exposure to the sun, or by aging. The fortunetellers, however, do not pay attention to freckles in making their predictions. (Continued from April issue)

Mole or Birthmark Between Eyebrows

A man with a mole or birthmark between his eyebrows is a careful man, who also has a strong sense of honesty and justice. He has a great desire to endure. He will benefit from his education or independent studies, and with practice and effort can be an intelligent man. And through his efforts, will have good luck and fortune. When young, he is faced with hardship, poor health, an unhealthy environment and poor, if any, educational opportunities. From youth to his teenage years, his life is not happy, but when he gets a job , his life will be much better. And if things don't work out where he is, he will move or be transferred to another place where things will improve. Women have always been his enemies. It will be difficult for him to find a permanent relationship, because when he is happy, his partner will stay with him, but if he is faced with adversity, she will leave. This lady is polite and kind, and a lover of beauty. She has a strong belief in justice. She enjoys social contacts and likes helping relatives and neighbors. She is a careful and intelligent person. She often has profound thoughts, and sometimes spends too much time thinking before taking action. She has a talent for administration. She will have good luck and be successful in her job. She has, or will have, more money. It is easy for her to be charming and intelligent, and she is respected by everyone. She will marry a man with white or light skin, and if he is older or a foreigner, she will have much happiness. She should not marry a man richer than she is, for they will not be able to get along. Mole or Birthmark on Left or Right eyebrow this man is polite and kind, and likes to have fun. He loves social interaction, is neat in appearance and likes to dress well. He wants the best things in life, like a nice home and a good job. He tends to be somewhat extravagant at times. He is very intelligent and likes to study new things. He will be involved with many women in his life, and there will be hardships to face because of a woman. There will be some problems, but he will be able to overcome them. He will have many girlfriends or wives, but they will be helpful to him and his life.

A woman with a mole or birthmark on her eyebrow likes social interaction and likes to dress well. She is an art and music lover, and likes new or unusual things. She is intelligent, and knowledgeable about new things, and often has new and unusual ideas. She is artistic and enjoys most social situations. She is capable of making good money, but has difficulty in trying to save any of it. She does not face hard times when young, although she is often ill. And she needs to be cautious because her numerous social activities will become costly. She will face some hardships in middle age. She will find that if her boyfriends are her own age, she will lose money and be faced with hardship or illness. She will someday find an older man who is wealthy, who has been married before. He will be a foreigner, and of a jealous nature

Mole or Birthmark on the Left or Right Eyeball

A man with a birthmark on his eyeball is neat in his personal habits, is very ambitious, and also very selfish and stingy with his money. He has strong emotions and loves sex. He is a calm and intelligent person, and has many good ideas, but can also be bad tempered at times. When young, his parents give him much happiness, and he is good at his studies. He gets too emotional, which sometimes causes him to lose money, but he is intelligent enough to resolve the problems. He can always get more money with his talents and abilities. He is charming and has power within himself, and will never be poor because other people believe in him. He will marry a woman who is rich and neat in her habits. She may have some sort of physical abnormality. She is a lover of beauty and social involvement. She has strong emotions and loves sex, but tends to be too fussy at times. She is intelligent and has many good ideas. Success for her may be difficult to achieve. If she stays alone, she will have good luck, and if she finds a kind man to help her, she will obtain happiness. She will find a mate when she is middle-aged, and will find happiness in her relationship.

Mole or Birthmark on the Eyelid

He has strong emotions and is sensitive, but also very self-centered. He likes bad things and associating with bad people. He is unsteady and usually unreliable. He really isn't very intelligent. He will face hardships because of his choice of friends and associates. If he studies hard, or finds and stays in a good environment, he may find happiness. His mate will be widowed, but wealthy and she can help him. He will be happy when is an older man.

She likes to have fun. She loves beauty and follows all the latest fashions. She likes learning new things and experimenting. She has very little respect for culture and tradition. When young, she faces hardships, then moves to another place and becomes ill. Growing up, she is faced with even more problems and is not happy. If she wants happiness, she will have to seek help and support from her elders. She always seems to attract bad men, and is usually not successful in her love life. Someday, she will find a true and loyal mate who will stay near her.

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