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Your Face Tells All, Part 5

Wisdom, fortune, manner, habits, luck, profession, marriage, family, love life, daily life, and so forth for most Thai people are under the influence of their birth time, and are evidenced by palm lines, fingerprints, facial features, moles, birthmarks, etc. For these reasons, fortune tellers use some of these characteristics to predict the futures of their clients.

Various marks are classified by our ancient hermit into three different anatomical categories:

  • Mole ("Fhai")- a small black bead on a person's skin.
  • Birthmark ("Bpaan")- flat, discolored portions of skin, which may be thick or thin, red or black, which were present at birth. A birthmark can also sometimes be hairy.
  • Freckles ("Khee Maeng Wan")- small spotted skin discolorations which may have been present at birth, but also might be caused by excessive exposure to the sun, or by aging. The fortune-tellers, however, do not pay attention to freckles in making their predictions.

Mole or Birthmark on the Adam's Apple

A man with a mole on his Adam's apple will be neat in his appearance. He talks easily and convincingly but underneath he is a rogue who loves to lie. He has a great talent for cunning and is not trustworthy. Although he probably doesn't deserve it, this guy is lucky in all he does, he is very happy and usually wealthy too. When he marries his choice may well be a distant cousin.

The lady with this mark has very similar characteristics to her male counterpart. She has a great love of beauty in all things including herself. Her neat appearance is driven by vanity and she loves to talk about herself. She is not an honest or reliable person and is a little shifty in her actions. She is rich and lucky but happiness may be elusive. She is likely to marry a distant relative.

Mole or Birthmark on the Glottis

Such a man is a role model for others. He is a true gentleman, generous in every way. Deeply religious, he is fair and just to all he meets. His gentlemanly ways are complemented by his great intellect. This is a very smart man indeed. He is a very lucky man and everything he does will turn out fine, but he can't guarantee happiness or wealth. His spouse is likely to be a little plump, but she comes from a good family.

For a woman, this mark is always accompanied by a desire to appear smartly and neatly dressed and made up in public. This is not vanity but rather an attempt to do what is right and proper. This lady is gentle and caring with a well-developed sense of justice. She is very clever and uses her talents wisely. She is likely to be wealthy and happy. Her wealth may be due to her hardworking husband, but not her happiness for he is brusque and sharp-spoken.

Mole or Birthmark on the Nape of the Neck

Here is a man who seems the ideal employee. He exhibits patience and diligence and works hard too. He is a kind and benevolent sort of person but if he has a fault it is gambling, his greatest weakness. He is of average intelligence and not very lucky, so he must always work hard for a comfortable retirement. He is not an adventurous soul and has a limited social life, and the girl he marries will probably be a neighbor.

This lady is much like her male equivalent in her habits, but she is no gambler. She loves helping others and may be i evolved in organizing charities. She always behaves correctly in any social situation and doesn't ever let her hair down, a trait that denies her happiness. She is not particularly clever, but acquires and saves money at all times. The perennial wallflower, she will almost certainly marry someone from her own community.

Mole or Birthmark on the Ear

This is a very serious and thoughtful man who slowly and steadily gets where he is going. He doesn't get there by chance either for he has made his mind up where he is heading before he starts, a man of decisive manner. He is a clever man but not quick-witted and will neither be rich nor poor, but that doesn't matter because he is happy. He may be steady and serious at work, but here is one of life's Romeos. He may never get married and if he does he will probably be unfaithful.

"Give, give, give" seems to be this lady's motto. She is generous to a fault with money and her own precious time. And what precious time it is for madam is a snob. Her generosity makes her feel above those who benefit from it. It is a giving designed to reinforce her feelings of superiority. A well-dressed and clever woman, she is eternally happy, and why not. Her husband is probably a wealthy man or possibly a prominent academic.

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