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Your Face Tells All, Part 6

Wisdom, fortune, manner, habits, luck, profession, marriage, family, love life, life, etc., for most Thai people are under the influence of their birth time, and are evidenced by palm lines, fingerprints, facial features, moles, birthmarks, etc. For these reasons, fortune tellers use some of these characteristics to predict the futures of their clients. Various marks are classified by our ancient hermit into three different anatomical categories:

  • Mole ("Fhai")- a small black bead on a person's skin.
  • Birthmark ("Bpaan")- flat, discolored portions of skin, which may be thick or thin, red or black, which were present at birth. A birthmark can also sometimes be hairy.
  • Freckles ("Khee Maeng Wan")- small spotted skin discolorations which may have been present at birth, but also might be caused by excessive exposure to the sun, or by aging. The fortune-tellers, however, do not pay attention to freckles in making their predictions.

Mole or birthmark on right shoulder

This man has many of the better traits in life. He is a royal and resolute individual who gives honest and polite service to those he meets. He is clever, but not overly so, and is a hard worker. In fact, he may work too hard and this burden has caused him unhappiness in the past. But this also has taught him patience for future times and this will earn him a special relationship with his life-partner in term of empathy, love and friend. His will marry a close friend.

A girl with a mole or birthmark on her right shoulder will be a good catch as a wife. She will be hard working, patient and she will take pleasure from her own personal growth and development. If she wishes, she can be self-sufficient because she is smart and clever enough to do so. However, life may bring some troubles but our lady has the good fortune to overtake these. To match her own good qualities, her spouse will be strong in personality, neat of appearance and polite when dealing with other people.

Mole or birthmark on left shoulder

Unfortunately, this man has many difficulties and, perhaps, this is why he can have a quick temper and an angry disposition. As a youngster, there were many periods of ill-health but gradually this improves through the teenage years and his twenties. However, an accident or further bad luck may dog his early thirties. After that, life and luck will mellow for him and there will be greater comfort in later life. His spouse will be one who understand his difficulties so he will marry a close friend or someone who is near to him.

She is an unusual lady. By nature she is quite clever but negates her natural talent by being very gullible and will believe almost anything. This is what causes her to have little regard for her own virtue and brings problems in her younger years. Maturity brings an understanding that all is not as it appears and old-age brings happiness which has been long deserved. This lady's ideal husband will be someone who lives near her or, perhaps, someone with whom she works.

Mole or birthmark on top of right shoulder

The man with a mole or birthmark on top of his right shoulder is someone who is "larger than life." He is clever by nature but is also a risk taker. He loves to party, to be the center of attention and to make a noise. Karaoke is his great delight. He will be happy in life providing he can control his risk-taking and gambling instincts. His ideal wife will come from overseas as this, again, will reflect his need to be the centre of attention.

Thai fortune tellers suggest that the girl who has this mark is patient, quietly clever and is not afraid of hard work. She is a good girl, a virtuous lady and knows that, if she is patient, God's blessing will bring fortune for her. Her spouse will come from another province, or another city, and if will be a quick marriage and happy relationship because he will recognize her good qualities.

Mole or Birthmark on Top of Left Shoulder

Our Thai hermit teaches that such a man will be "Mr. Ambition." He is only moderately clever but pushes himself to climb the social ladder. Travelling widely in search of knowledge and higher status. If he is to achieve happiness, he must show great patience and work very hard. This is because his spouse will be a person of opposite talent and disposition so there will often be misunderstanding and quarrels in the marriage.

When the female has this mark she will be know because of her virtues. She will have great patient, be scrupulously honest and have high moral standards. she will be a good example to other. such a disposition will bring her happiness as a teenager which mellows into a comfortable middle-age. Unfortunately, old-age will bring some troubles. Perhaps these will be from her husband who has different tastes, is maybe envious of her goodness and often causes quarrels.

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