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Your Face Tells All, Part 7
Predict Your Own Future

Wisdom, fortune, manner, habits, luck, profession, marriage, family, love life, life, etc., for most Thai people are under the influence of their birth time, and are evidenced by palm lines, fingerprints, facial features, moles, birthmarks, etc. For these reasons, fortune tellers use some of these characteristics to predict the futures of their clients.

Various marks are classified by our ancient hermit into three different anatomical categories:

  • Mole ("Fhai") - a small black bead on a person's skin.
  • Birthmark ("Bpaan") - flat, discolored portions of skin, which may be thick or thin, red or black, which were present at birth. A birthmark can also sometimes be hairy.
  • Freckles ("Khee Maeng Wan") - small spotted skin discolorations which may have been present at birth, but also might be caused by excessive exposure to the sun, or by aging. The fortune-tellers, however, do not pay attention to freckles in making their predictions.

Mole or Birthmark on the Right Shoulder Blade

Sadly, this man does not have the opportunity to enjoy what life has to offer. He has excellent qualities of being hard working and very honest but he is not inspired either in personality or character. Accordingly, his life reflects this insecurity with a mixture of good and bad luck. But he accepts his destiny with patience and is rewarded with happiness and contentment in his latter years. Ideally, this man may marry a girl who lives close to his home or perhaps one who is distantly related to him.

The lady who has this mark, also, does not aspire to great things. Not necessarily very clever she is, nevertheless, an honest person who is not afraid of hard work. By nature she is, perhaps, too truthful and this may bring some bad luck to her life. However, fortune will smile again and favor her with joy and peace in later life. This lady will not have to look far for a husband because she will find him in her near neighborhood or within her circle of cousins.

Mole or birthmark on the left Shoulder Blade

How we would all love to be like the man who has such a mark because, to use a word unknown to our Ancient Hermit, he is an "achiever." He is clever, strong of body and mind, a hard worker and always fair in his dealings as he builds his own enterprise. This fairness, and patience, pays dividends by the time he is 40 years of age because his business will be a considerable success and he will grow affluent. His ideal partner will be a lady who shares his ambition and his will support him as wife and mother to a very happy family.

This girl has a "calling" - a vocation. An unhappy childhood doesn't turn her bitter as her natural kindness leads her to compassion and understanding of other's needs. She has a great capacity for learning so, as an adult, fortune will be with her as she reaches a level of social status will be with perhaps as a doctor, Nurse or Community worker. Her most suitable husband. Also, will come from the same ranks and will share her ideals of giving and caring.

Mole or birthmark on Either Armpit

this man may have mixed emotions which he finds difficult to control. Unkindness, temper and selfishness may sometimes be his master. Ambitious by nature his success is, nevertheless, thrashed by lack of understanding and credibility. Perhaps he is destined to remain single because he can find happiness and peace in a religious order. However, if he marries it will be to someone he meets in mid-life - and the lady in question will bring him all sorts of troubles. Better he remains single.

Our Ancient Hermit shakes his head in dismay at his lady because she is just too clever for her own good. Ambitious to a fault, self-centred and quick to anger, such a lady should go her own way and not involve others. Although, if she can make peace with her emotions, a vocational calling could be very rewarding. A bachelor-girl life is best suited to such a lady but, if she does insist on matrimony, she will not find a partner until middle age - possibly a widower who is alone and needs company.

Mole or Birthmark on the Back

the pilgrim who carries this mark may not make much progress. He is given to baser instincts and appetites being lazy by nature and lustful in thought. A man who depends upon others and feels the world owes him a living. It is doubtful that he will marry because no lady will accept this burden and they become wary of his advances which are reflective of lust rather than love.

It is possible this girl will have little reward from life as, sadly she may not have the endearing qualities which others seek. By temperament, she is lazy, dislikes domesticity, leans on society, avoids brave decisions and is, rankly, uninspiring. Ill fortune drapes itself around her in a dark cloud of problems. Husband-finding is no less a problem because, although there are a series of lovers, if she hooks one them he will prove to be unfaithful. Mai pen rai!

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