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Family Outing in Doi Saket - the Horizon Village and Resort

Images from the Horizon village and Resort in Doi SaketAs long as I have lived in Chiangmai, the majority of spots keyed to visitors' interests are located near the Doi Suthep area. But now on the highway of Chiangmai-Doi Saket-Chiangrai, several little known places provide a change of scenery and open up a new culture for visitors. A beautiful botanic garden is open to the public offering many attractions for a family outing. Also, this is the area where truly outstanding modern art murals depicting the puzzles of Buddhist Dharma can be viewed at the hilltop Doi Saket Temple. In addition, the highly regarded Huay Hong Krai Royal Project is also located in this area.

After more than ten years of planting and land cultivation, one man's hobby has produced the Horizon Village and Resort situated in a 300 rai Botanic Garden. It's one of the exclusive new accommodations to open in Chiangmai in 2006. The owner was the former Permanent Secretary of the Agriculture who had a deep passion for his work. His great interest in his life was the propagation of various types of plants and trees. The star of the botanic garden is the very large collection of palms from all over the world as far away as Cuba.

Visitors buy a day long pass to enjoy a tour on a environmentally friendly open air bus or sitting comfortably in a golf cart depending on the size of the group. The folk museum is the first stop with display of hand-to-hand war instruments and beautiful Buddha statues. The drive continues on past the club house that includes restaurant and large pool where pass holders can enjoy a swim in the salt water. Opposite the club house is a lake with paddle vehicles for riding fun in the water. Next to see on the drive is the paddocks for horse riding. Horse back riding facilities are also available to visitors.

Throughout the large estate the pathways are decorated with bushes shaped in rabbits, monkeys, fish and giant birds. The mother and child elephant display look as though they are ready to cross the road at any time.

The botanic garden formerly known as Suan Thaweechon, is a place that all people in Chiangmai can be proud to show off to their families and friends. The botanic garden consists of various pavilions featuring such as: cactus, cut flowers, herbals of northern Thailand. The zoo is home to camels, peacocks, and cassaways.

The lodging buildings have been designed following Northern Thai or Lanna architecture. Being a place of deep tranquility, it is a great place to take time away from busy life-styles. Here one can relax, enjoy and unwind. Personal service is provided in a warm family atmosphere, and is of the highest quality. You will feel just at home.

The restaurant menu includes a range of healthy foods including macrobiotics and organically grown plants. Two seating areas either in air-conditioning or open air terrace. Also available from the famous Oasis Spa Group are Northern Thai style health massage packages which offer a traditional blend of Thai herbal remedies and body treatments to help you relax your mind, body and soul.

The spacious room setup includes, the Suite Mai Hom 58 to 68 square meters, Jr. Suite Duang Dok Kaew 46 sq m, the deluxe Ka Sa Long Kam, 40 sq m, and the deluxe lake view Bua Ra Wong 40 sq m. More information : HORIZONS Village, Chiangmai-Doi Saket Highway., Tel. 053-868891. E-mail. gm@horizonvillage.net.

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