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Fang - Historic sights in natural beauty
(Phonetically pronouced : Faang or Fang)

Has it been a while since you've taken a family outing? In keeping with the TAT's theme, "If you don't go, you won't know", visit the Faang, Chaiprakarn, Thaton area for fresh air, historic sights as well as natural beauty can be seen. Visit these sightseeing spots to the north of Faang : -
  1. Wat Jong Tok, Thai Yai style recently renovated after a fire two years ago still reflects the original design.
  2. Wat Jong Owg, Thai Yai style is the original old building where visitors can see how interior temple restoration is undertaken.
  3. Wat Pha Baht Udom typical Thai style architecture
  4. Pra Jao Faang & Pra Naang Sarm Piew monument and wishing well
  5. "Helping Hands" Tribal Project at Fang Catholic Church
  6. Wat Pra Thart Sob Fang on banks of Kok River
  7. Boat stop in Mae Ai village in Thaton
  8. Fang Hot Springs and Mae Sai Dam, good for mountain biking. Families like to hard boil eggs in the hot springs for their picnic.
Suggested sightseeing spots going south of Faang are : -
  1. Huay Born Reservoir, good for 4 wheel drive or mountain biking.
  2. Petroleum Development Center (must have permission from the miliary to enter the center)
  3. Wat Tham Pha Phung Grotto
  4. Baan Mai Nong Bua Chinese temple and mineral spa. A village keeping its KMT Chinese heritage similar to Mae Salong
  5. Chaiprakarn Reservoir with restaurants in bamboo design on the reservoir edge and free fishing facilities but bring your own gear. Great place for children to ride bikes around the 4 km circumference.
  6. Tabtao Cave and Temple with giant carp pond. The school children escort visitors on Saturdays and Sundays through the length of the 1500 m cave.

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