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What were your images of Thailand before your first visit? Images of Thailand vary according to taste and temperament. Perhaps it was the “King and I”, a fantasy of gilded palaces, a palm-fringed beach of snowy white sand, a tribal village high in misty mountains, or brassy, cosmopolitan Bangkok. All are valid impressions, yet misleading in terms of the whole for Thailand, like the nation’s food, is a mixture of flavors from unique history of each region. Visitors use this page to identify your favorite dishes.

Quick Dishes

Chicken Curry Noodle

Kao-Soy (ข้าวซอย) is the famous noodle dish eaten at midday. Kao-Soy is made with yellow noodles, rich milky curry broth and topped with crispy fried noodles. It is served with a side dish of lemon sliceds, pickled cabbage and small red onions.

Pasta Siamese Style and
Pork-Tomato Curry

Khanom Jeen Naam Ngeow (ขนมจีน น้ำเงี้ยว) " Hand made noodles in northern style curry served with fresh vegetables, e.g. bean sprouts, soy bean, water mimosa. The pork-tomato curry is a mixture of ground pork, spare ribs, tomatoes, bean curd, spices, and lemon.


Spicy Northern Sausage

Sai Ooua (ไส้อั่ว) " This is the Chiang Mai sausage basically made from pork and spices. It’s always roasted over an open fire. If you’re game enough, try eating Sai Ooua accompanied with fresh chilies and, of course, Khao Niew (sticky rice).

Pickled Pork Sausage

Naem (แหนม) " Well known northern pickled pork sausage zipped up with pieces of green chilly pepper. Break off a bite size of meat and eat it together with a small ball of sticky rice. An informal, enjoyable way to dine with friends.

Ground Pork Dip

Naam Prik Ong (น้ำพริกอ่อง) " Naam Prik Ong is served at nearly every Khantoke dinner. It’s made with ground pork, red peppers (not the tiny chilies), cherry tomatoes, garlic and shrimp. All is meticulously blended together, then cooked. Served with sliced cucumbers and cabbage leaves.

Crispy Pork Rind

Kaeb Moo (แคบหมู) " “Kaeb Moo” made from pork rind, fried with salt, clove, garlic, and crushed whole coriander stalks. Two types of “Kaeb Moo” are made--only pork skin or triple pork.. Kaeb Moo is a well known appetizer in the north. This method of eating is to take the rind, a small ball of sticky rice, dip it in the Nam Prik Ong or it is served with Khanom Jeen.

Steamed Ground Pork

Moo Yor (หมูยอ) " Most Khantoke dinners offer “Moo Yor” as appetizer. Moo Yor is ground pork, flour, and seasonings. It is squeezed then wrapped in banana leaves with tantalizing aroma and flavor. Yaam Moo Yor is a steamed ground pork salad of chillies, pickled garlic, lime, coriander leaves, onion, and lettuce. Great to eat this salad on a hot day.

Chillies Paste Dip

Naam Prik Noom (น้ำพริกหนุ่ม) " This chilly paste, made from young, long, light green chilies is thick, wet and fibrous, as a result of pounding together a mixture of roasted chilies, shallots, garlic, tomatoes, and other ingredients. It’s hot, salty, and sweet due to its ingredients. Served with kaeb moo, boiled/fresh vegetables, and sticky rice

Main Dishes

Hang Lay Curry

Gaeng Hang Lay (แกงฮังเล) " A Burmese dish not made with chilly peppers, easy to eat. The base curry is made with pork pieces and tamarind resulting in a sweet and sour flavor. When eating this curry, prepare a ball of sticky rice and scoop up a bite size meat chunk with curry to enjoy the full flavor.

Northern Ground Pork

Larb, Jin Larb (ลาบ, จิ้นลาบ) " Another tasty meat dish eaten with sticky rice is Larb. Actually this dish is from the northeast and easy to eat with sticky rice and fresh vegetables. Larb is made from ground meat e.g. beef, liver pork or duck then mixed with spices and fresh mint leaves. Served with fresh vegetables.

Combination Vegetable Curry

Gaeng Kare (แกงแค) " The curry paste is more simple than the curry in the central region of the country. It does not require coconut cream or milk at all. It is a combination of garlic, lemon grass, shallots, shrimp paste, salt, pickled fish, and chilies. Of course, meat, e.g. chicken, beef or pork is added. The vegetables available in the north are “Kare” leaves (shaploo), Acacia, sweet basil Tumleung leaves, Khee-Hood (northern lettuce), Parsley, green tomatoes (Lycopersicon Eseulentum), Bamboo shoots, and soy bean.

Meat Curry Soup

Gaeng Orm Moo/Nua (แกงอ่อมหมู/เนื้อ) "This popular northern dish is Gaeng Orm Moo, or, Nua (pork or beef) is spicy flavored and a little salty. Stewed pork or beef is combined with chilies, shrimp paste, Kafir lime leaves and sweet basil.

Young Jackfruit Curry

Gaeng Khanoon (แกงขนุน) " Gaeng Khaoon is a northern Thai dish that uses unripe jackfruit as the main vegetable ingredient. Gaeng Khanoon is one type of sour and spicy soup (gaeng sohm) that takes its clear orange color from chili paste made with tamarind. In northern cooking, Gaeng Khanoon is similar to Gaeng Sohm, or, known as Gaeng Pa Khanoon, in which other vegetables are added, such as pepper (wild) or cha plu, acacia (cha om), plus the addition of small “tomato” eggplant (makhua sohm) that gives the sour taste.

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