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Fly to Pai from Chiang Mai on SGA Airlines

Siam General Aviation (SGA airlines), has been flying throughout Southeast Asia since 2001, servicing feeders routes throughout Thailand and operating an extensive charter service across the region. Flying Cessna Grand Caravan 208Bs; aircraft with an unparalleled safety record that have logged a staggering seven million flying hours worldwide, SGA have recently added the three routes from Chiang Mai to their network of destinations.

SGA will operate a daily service between Chiang Mai and Pai, aimed not only at the tourism market, but for businessmen from Pai who wish to fly to Chiang Mai. The airline's President, Dr. Jain Charnnarong, says his company decided to set up this latest commuter flight to serve as an alternative means of travelling between Pai and Chiang Mai, not only to allow passengers to enjoy the magnificent scenery en route, but they will have more time to tour around Pai. The daily flight takes under half an hour; a considerable time saver. The new service has been warmly welcomed by both Mr. Supoj Klinpaneet President of the Pai Tourism business Association and Pornthep Chawla, Charal Business Chiang Mai Group.

One passenger aboard the inaugural flight, Mr. Dale Trevor from the United Kingdom, and a frequent visitor to Chiang Mai, said he had given some thought to flying in a small aircraft, but that this was the most exhilarating and comfortable flight he had experienced in a lifetime of flying around the world.

Pai is a village about 110 kms between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Sorn. The popular destination is a pleasant experience. At the city limits is a trisection with three roads shooting off from the main road. The extreme left road goes past the town on to Mae Hong Sorn. The center road goes into town and the extreme right road goes toward the Pai river. There are very relaxing accommodations everywhere in the city and on these roads. The river is a choice spot to stay at one of the several places with cottages. Other accommodations are a Thai style house on beams and small A-frame cottages with inside bathrooms.

The local eateries in the city have plenty of English language signs offering various kinds of food and drinks. Even small Bakeries have fantastic menus offering several middle eastern dishes along with Pita bread. The usual pasta dishes, Thai food and fried chicken were also offered. The food is tasty and will satisfy your appetite.

At night the air is cool and the streets are very quiet. Pai is certainly a serene place for a long visit for those in need of escaping the pressures of big city living. Those who are planning to write a novel or biography would find Pai an ideal spot for concentration and contemplation.
Go for the 9-km bamboo rafting trip down the Pai River. Rent a motorbike to see the countryside. There are four important temples of Pai and waterfalls. Only 1 km from this scenic waterfall is the MUANG PAI RESORT.

Since the airline was founded in 2002, SGA has operated successfully between Bangkok and Hua Hin, and now from Chiang Mai to Pai, Phrae and later to Chiang Rai. In addition to providing these feeder routes to towns which larger airlines don't service, SGA runs charter services to cities, towns and villages throughout the nation, and all across Southeast Asia.

If the tiniest hamlet has a landing strip, SGA can take you there. The advantages of flying in light aircraft are not confined to their ability to go almost wherever you wish, but by operating as they do at a much lower ceiling (cruising altitude), passengers can enjoy far superior views of the surrounding countryside than would be possible from larger aircraft.

SGA runs a fleet of Cessna 208B Grand Caravan aircraft, one of the safest, most rugged and reliable aircraft in service today. There are currently more than 1,500 of these aircraft in operation worldwide, having so far logged an astonishing seven-million flight hours. Cessna built the Grand Caravan with safety and reliability in mind, in the full and certain knowledge that these aircraft would be operating in rugged terrain and in unpredictable weather conditions, such as in the Amazon Basin in South America.

Thailand has its fair share of nasty weather, but nothing as dramatic as that experienced in some countries in which the Grand Caravan is currently operating with ease and efficiency. Speaking of efficiency, Cessna, the makers of the Grand Caravan, and the company whose name is synonymous with light aircraft manufacture, have chosen SGA to be their Authorized Service agents for Thailand and Southeast Asia. This faith is reflected in the high level of maintenance standards in operation at SGA's Bangkok base.

One of SGA's Grand Caravan pilots, Captain Kriangsit Lawprasit, or "North" to his friends, grew up in the family home at the end of the runway here at Chiang Mai International Airport. North went on to realize his boyhood dream of becoming a pilot when he qualified and spent the next ten years as a commercial aviator. Since joining SGA, Captain North speaks of flying the Grand Caravan with the experience of a seasoned airline pilot and the enthusiasm of a flying student; he clearly enjoys his job.

SGA operates an extensive network of charter flights across the country, and to neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos.

Tickets for flights can be booked online: www.sga.co.th.
Chiangmai Airport: 053-280444, 053-284433.

"The exhilaration of flight is too keen, the pleasure too great, for it to be neglected as a sport." ... Orville Wright

SGA Airlines Route Schedules

(Flight Schedule for 1Sep 07 - 28 Oct 07)

Bangkok - Hua-Hin Hua-Hin Bangkok
Flight Dep. Arr. Flight Dep. Arr.
5E 903 10.45 11.35 5E 904 12.30 13.20
5E 905 14.15 15.05 5E 906 15.30 16.20
5E 907 17.15 18.05 5E 908 18.30 19.20
Flight time : 30 Min.
Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai Chiang Rai - Chiang Mai
Flight Dep. Arr. Flight Dep. Arr.
5E 911 08.15 08.55 5E 912 09.15 09.55
5E 917* 16.40 17.20 5E 918* 17.40 18.20
Flight time : 35 Min.(*Start from Nov 1, 2007)
Chiang Mai - Pai Pai Chiang Mai
Flight Dep. Arr. Flight Dep. Arr.
5E 913 10.55 11.30 5E 914 11.45 12.20
5E 915* 14.45 15.15 5E 916* 15.30 16.30
Flight time : 20 Min. (*Start from Oct 1, 2007)
  1. All prices include VAT.
  2. SGA Airlines reserves the right to change this schedule without prior notice.

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