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Fondcome Village, Chiiang Mai

Fondcome Village was opened in December 2006. The circular shape of the restaurant offers a view of nature surrounding the tiny hamlet and the highlight is the free form swimming pool with waterfall, trees and greenery. Encircling the entire village is a lively stream perfect for tubing.

The center of the restaurant is a round serving area with a magnificent flower arrangement displaying the fine, meticulous skills found in the gracious Lanna culture. The restaurant’s first floor is enclosed with glass window walls and air conditioned.

The second floor is open air and great for dining in the evenings especially in cool season from November to February. It’s an exceptional place to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or reunion with your large family.

Our meal commenced with a refreshing drink of Lemon and wild Honey Soda. The wild honey is from the forests of Chiang Mai. the beverage was refreshing and fragrant with each sip.

The first course, a soup known as Gaeng Liang Pla Yaang. is usually a mixed vegetable soup of clear broth made with fresh vegetables and pieces of fresh shrimp. Mixed vegetable soup with grashai (lesser ginger). The pieces of pla yaang thicken the broth. It’s a different presentation and proves to be a good combination. (Diners may request the traditional method of fresh shrimp instead of fish.) It is served as a western - style soup.

Ingredients : Gourd slice, Pumpkin diced, Sweet Basil, Mushroom, Young Corn slice, Coccinia grandis, and Grilled Fresh Water Fish. The Chili Paste is a combination of Pepper, Shrimp Paste, Fingerroot, Shallot, Garlic, Bird Chili, White Turmeric

The fresh Spring Rolls are served next with a selection of fresh vegetables on the side. The naam prik sauce has a lemony flavor perfect for this dish.

Ingredients : Carrot slice, Cucumber slice, Turmeric slice, Thai Parsley, Lettuce, Boiled White Noodle, Spring Roll Sheet

The Chili Paste is a blend of Mackerel fish meat, Lemon Grass, Thai Parsley Root, Shallot, Bird Chili, and Turmeric

The main course, Brown Rice Salad with grilled Sea Bass, comprises grilled sea bass that was done to perfection, a generous piece of firm fish. Also served with the sea bass was wild rice with diced vegetables and diced potatoes. The sauce was delicious.

Ingredients :The Steamed Brown Rice was prepared with, Potato cubes, and Fresh Longan pieces. Lychee or seasonal fruits are served other times of the year.

Sauce is made from Spring garlic, red and yellow Bell-pepper slices, Garlic, and Sesame seed.

The dessert was generous portion of Deep fried Banana with Ice Cream and drizzle of caramel sauce. Another choice would be Mixed Fresh Fruits.

How to get there : Use Map 1 along with Map on Page 8, drive on Rte. 1269 (Haang Dong _ Samerng Road) until KM. marker 33 (about 15 kms from Airport Plaza).

More information : 053-125333, 085-037-0333.

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