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Where to Go in the North gives a quicklook at all of north Thailand. Get your bearings from this map showing all the majorcities and roads.

Chiangmai Area

MAP 1 (Full Color) Shows a bird's-eye view of the city's environs around the old walled area, mostly within the super highway which surrounds the urban area. Whether you arrive by airplane, train or bus, you will certainly be able to find your destinations on this map.

MAP 2A (Full Color) covers the eastern side of the old walled city which includes the primary business district. If you travel from the railway station or bus terminal, you will cross the Mae Ping River to the inner city, use this map to orientate you.

MAP 2B (which covers the same area as MAP 2A) is provided to help you find our Advertisers' locations.

MAP 3A (Full Color) shows the area within the old walled city and its moats in fine detail. If you travel from the International Airport, you will probably pass along the southern side of the old walls and moat. With this map, you will know what you are seeing

MAP 3B (same Area as MAP 3A) will help you find our Advertisers' locations.

MAP 4 (Full Color) shows the way around the University of Chiangmai campus and the business districts spreading westward from the old walled city. Don't enter the university without this map) Advertisers' locations are also indicated on this map, (NOTE : there are no MAPS 4A or 4B)

MAP 5 (Black & White) is a close-up look at the Mae Rim and Samoeng areas.

MAP 5a (Black & White) is an over view of the area surrounding Chiangmai to North and West. It shows such important areas as Samerng, Doi Suthep and Mae Rim.

MAP 6 (Black & White) shows Chiangmai Harng Dong road heading towards San Patong. Included are advertisers in this important handicrafts area.

MAP 7 (Black & White) shows the heart of Chiangmai's handicrafts industry, Borsarng and Sankampang. Advertisers' locations as well as important addresses are clearly marked.

Overview of Chiang Mai area maps.

Fang Area

Fang Area Map shows the manyattractions to be found around this northern city.

Chiangrai Area

Chiangrai City Map shows themajor city features in the second largest city in north Thailand.

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