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Grace Dental Care Clinic

 You're far from home, having a wonderful holiday in Thailand, when you wake up one morning with a terrible toothache. Going to the dentist at home can be stressful, but in a foreign country where you don't speak the language, it can be terrifying. But fear not! There is a state of the art dental clinic in Chiangmai, ultra-modern, ultra clean and with specialists in all areas of dental care.

Grace Dental Care Clinic is a centre for all types of specialized Dental work. The clinical manager, Assist.Prof., Korakot Boripantakul, explains that it is her philosophy to have specialists who work as a team, making Grace Dental Care Clinic a one-stop clinic no matter what your dental problems may be. To provide care for the needs of Chiangmai's international community, the receptionists and dental staff are multi-lingual. Everyone is bi-lingual in Thai and English, and patients who are more comfortable speaking in German, Mandarin or Japanese are also catered for.

 Cleanliness is paramount at Grace Dental Clinic! From the moment you enter the parking lot of this modern two story building you will know this is not your typical clinic. It was opened in January 2003. The reception room is bright and airy with fresh flowers, soft music and soft natural light filtered through frosted glass.

In one of the new examination suites your dentist will discuss your dental problem and give you several options for treatment and discuss the various costs. Costs of treatments are available in reception, so there aren't higher rates for foreigners and there will be no surprises. In the examination chair you will discover some of the latest hi-tech equipment available anywhere. Does your dentist back home have an "inter-oral camera"? This device is smaller than a toothbrush and enables the dentist and patient to see the problem areas on a monitor. Digital photos can be taken so there is a record of the work before, during and after treatment.

There is no need to worry if you need to have X-rays taken. The old heavy lead apron is a thing of the past, as Grace Dental Clinic has a digital X-ray machine. Not only does this reduce 70% of radiation, but the image is sharper than traditional film. Being a digital image, the specialist is able to enlarge / enhance the image giving more precise information prior to treatment. It can also be adjusted to create a "panoramic" X-ray of the full upper or lower set of teeth. Other special X-rays such as Cephalogram and X-tomogram are also available to support the bracing doctor and implant work.

 Another important modern development at Grace Clinic is that no silver Amalgam is used. There are health benefits and aesthetic considerations to using the new composite material. Reducing or eliminating mercury in the body could have health benefits and the old "silver" fillings are very noticeable. The new material looks like tooth enamel, so no one will know you have a filling.

If you want cleaning , do not worry about abrasives damaging your enamel. A new technique of water and salt powder removes stains without scratching your teeth.

Should you need a crown or bridge you can be assured it will be a perfect match. With the benefit of in-house laboratory, the false tooth will be colour corrected to match the rest of your teeth, then taken down the hall to the clinic's own porcelain glazing oven. Within minutes, the corrections are permanently sealed, and ready for final installation.

 Grace Dental Clinic has a specially designed surgical room, too. It is fitted with full equipment for implant placement and other kinds of surgery, the surgery is directly connected to a sterile supply room to facilitate the operation. All hoses and wires are concealed in the floors and walls throughout the clinic for added cleanliness.

There is a separate clean-up room where all instruments are sterilized on-site for quality control.

Dr. Korakot has successfully created her vision of a dental clinic with highly qualified dental specialists who work as a team. There are 16 specialists who have been trained aboard, and two general practice dentists who have training at post graduate level.

Areas of specialty include:

  1. Prosthodontics: crown, bridge, denture and restoration
  2. Dental Implants: natural tooth replacement
  3. Periodontics: gum disease, tooth cleaning
  4. Oral Surgery: wisdom teeth and other extractions
  5. Orthodontics: teeth realignment
  6. Endodontics: root canal
  7. Esthetic Dentistry: tooth whitening, space closing
  8. Pediatric Dentistry: for children

The philosophy at The Grace Dental Care Clinic can be summed up in three points:

  1. highly qualified specialist dentists who work as a team
  2. high tech equipment to give the patient the best available
  3. l a super clean environment

All of the dental staff are supported with continuing education, so their working knowledge is always up to date with the latest procedures and materials. Dr. Korakot Boripantakul had 3 years of post graduate training at Boston University (USA), and says opening this clinic has been a dream come true.

The clinic is conveniently located at 45 Soi 11, off Nimmanhemin Rd., connected to Sirimangkalajarn Rd. Phone number: 053-894568-9 Fax: 053-894570. E-mail : Gracedentalcare@hotmail.com.

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