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Halal Food Standard for Tourism

The Tao Garden Health Resort, located about thirty minutes east of Chiang Mai city center in northern Thailand, is internationally renowned as a holistic health resort where individuals can experience a wide variety of holistic healing methodologies. It was founded by Taoist meditation and Qi Gong Master Mantak Chia, who has over thirty years of experience in healing, meditation and martial arts. The Tao Garden Health Resort is a place where students learn Taoist traditions based on the the secrets of rejuvenation and longevity.

Hidden among banana groves, papaya trees, and organic rice and vegetable fields, the Tao Garden Health Resort is an ideal place to get away from city living and modern annoyances. Tao Garden allows no alcohol, or MSG. Neither pork or beef are served in the food hall. Healthful CP Halal chicken, fish and seafood are available along with organic vegetables from their garden. Almost all of the food served at the Tao Garden Health Resort is grown organically on the premises and handled without chemicals, preservatives, or kept in long-term storage.

Using the wealth of agricultural produce, Chef Sam, looks forward to the daily assignment preparing three meals daily for the guests. His thoughts about preparing the most healthful food for the guests who have traveled from all over the world to get to know or reconfirm their belief in wellness for the body, spirit.and conciosus choice. Chef Sam has been working at Tao for nearly one year. At 60 years old he brings a wealth of experience most from Hyatt hotel management group training. Chef Sam has competed in cooking trials held by the Chiangmai Restaurant Association and in the past the chef competed in Food Exhibitions held in Bangkok

Master Chia stressed to Chef Sam the imnportance the balance of the flavors. Food for health is taken to balance ying and yang. The Chef cooks not for only taste as was required in most typical hotels and restaurants. The philosophy at Tao Garden is more than eating to be full, when eating here, wellness in one’s life is promoted. After breakfast guests take morning exercise and later they swim in the pool. The one week of learning thoughtful healthy eating habits brings a noticeable change in the body and spirit.

Meeting the special dietary requirements of guests from around the world exspecially from Dubai is a very important part of the Tao Garden. When the familes inquired about food preparation, they were invited to tour the kitchen. They felt confident their food requirements were respected. Chick-peas and chicken curry dishes are often served. Salads served with fresh unique recipes with ingredients of tamarind, ginger, avocado. All food preparation and cleanliness is strictly maintained in the kitchen

Halal officers from Bangkok and Chiangmai have certified the Tao Garden kitchen preparation. The officials of both Chiangmai Muslim and Thailand Muslim associations have been inspected and approved the conformity with the permissible dietary requirements as meets “Halal” food regulatory standards of preparation.

The Universal Tao Center has great appeal for guests looking for a relaxing health resort for the individual, a place to train rigorous Taoist practices, and a spa for the whole family. It is a conscious choice for guests with enquiring minds to in a place where they discover insights from their own actual experiences they have accumulated on their life’s journey so far.

In this place enquiring students can pick and choose from a wide selection of disciplines ranging from Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Thai Massage, Herbal Steambath, Sauna, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Chi Nee Tsang Massage, Tao Yin, Ozone Therapy, Meditation and many others; and investigate how these techniques can improve their daily lives. Master Chia and his staff offer ongoing trainings in various disciplines for their continued wellness throughout their long life. Tours are given intermittently for guests to learn more about how the center exists harmoniously in the jungle environment of Thailand.

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