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The Northern Industrial Promotion Center at 158 Thoong Hotel Road has carried on promotion for villages themselves and have inherited their cottage industry for decades. The following names are villages (Moo Baan) that carry their fame for particular products.

Overview of Chiang Mai area maps. 1 Moo-Baan Sri Pun-Krua, Tha Sala Sub – District: Pressed and laayered bamboo crafts, and lacquerware.

2 Moo-Baan Wua-Lai, Haiya Sub-District: Silver wares and lacquer wares.

3 Moo-Baan Muang Goong, Nohng Kwai Sub-District, Harng Dong District: Clay Pottery.

4 Moo-Baan Roy Jaan, Nohng Kwai Sub-District --- Bamboo wall and ceiling panels with particular pattern designs.

5 Moo-Baan Tha-wai, Khoon Kong Sub-District, Harng Dong District: Reproduction of carved wood antiques.

6 Moo-Baan Guan Harn- Kaew, Harn Kaew Sud-District, Harng Dong District: Clay Pottery.

7 Moo-Baan Nohng-Arb-Chang, Sod-tia Sub-District, Jorm Thong District: Cotton Fabric with natural dyes.

8 Moo-Baan Don-Kaew, Don-Kaew Sub-District, Sara-pee District: Bamboo crafts, containers especially the Thai rice- beating containers.

9 Moo-Baan Pa Bong, Pa-Bong Sub-District, Sarapee District: All kinds of bamboo crafts.

10 Moo-Baan Tohn-Pao, Tohn-Pao Sub- District, Sankhampaeng District: Sa Paper.

11 Moo-Baan Bor Sarng, Tohn-Pao Sub- District, Sankhampaeng District: Handicrafts : umbrellas fans, wood carvings.

12 Moo-Baan Tohn-Pheung, Tohn Pao Sub- District, Sankham paeng District: Handicrafts : umbrellas, wood carvings.

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