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It's more difficult to meet the hilltribe villagers who retain their own particular entertainment and keep their traditions. For a great experience to meet really friendly Akha Villagers, stop at the village. There are 92 families on the hillside location. The children walk 4 kilometers daily to attend school. The adult members work in tea plantations every day. They make from Baht 90 to 120 per day as day laborers. These villagers don't own their own plots of land as they are recent arrivals from Mae Kachan.

At the suggestion of missionaries, the villagers have erected an ornate entrance to show visitors just what a traditional Akha village looks like. It's a large area and if you are visiting in a big group, it's likely that smaller groups will experience different traditions such as seeing how hard boiled eggs with dyed deep red shells are made or how they brew tea in bamboo stalks. Some visitors like to try a few glides in the giant swing sailing out over the edge. Try on some really unique bamboo 'clod hopper-type' shoes or coast down a hill on a 3 wheel bamboo axle. The children are smiling and friendly. It's especially nice for visitors to give the children cookies or small gift perhaps an ink pen. (Take along about 30 pieces to distribute.) The village elders insist the children line up courteously and thank with a 'wai'.

The parents and elder children put on a show of singing and dancing with their musical instruments. Visitors are very welcome to join in the dance and play percussion by pounding bamboo stalks on the ground. After all this happy human interaction, please be generous and place money in the village donation box as you leave the village. The Akha villagers will ask you to return to visit them. If you can't return, be sure to tell your friends visiting Mae Salong to stop at the village.

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