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Hong Tauw Inn Restaurant

Visitors and residents in Chiangmai looking for good central Thai food return again and again to Hong Tauw Inn Restaurant as one of the best choices. The restaurant is located near the intersection of Nimnanhemin and Huay Kaew Roads, only 50 meters from Amari Rincome Hotel. This restaurant has been in businesses for 18 years and established by the late owner, Akanet Kamolwanich, who passed away two years ago. Around twenty years, he moved from Bangkok because he fell in love with Chiangmai city. Khun Akanet decided to open his restaurant specializing in Central Thai or Bangkok dishes.

Khun Akranet brought with him his wonderful collection of antique wall clocks that are still today the main feature of the folksy interior decoration. Throughout the years enthusiastic collectors such as himself offered to buy the clocks, but the clocks were not for sale.

He transferred the particulars of preparing central Thai food by training northern women to be his chefs Khun Supap and Khun Srikaew who are from Chiangmai and Lamphun, respectively. The two chefs today are still active in the restaurant. The late owners's father, Khun Nat Kamolwanich has become the honorary owner, but the restaurant is mostly under the and supervision of long time manager, Khun Raynoo Netsakkasem.

A typical Thai meal is a full composition of flavors and textures such as rice, curry, soup, fried dishes, salad, dipping sauce with fresh vegetables, steamed or grill dishes, solid dessert, liquid dessertand mixed seasonal fruits.

An example of a set menu of popular Thai foods as outlined above would definitely serve 3 to 5 persons. Less the dessert and mixed fruits, one dish could be reduced in case of only two persons dining. For this review two of us visited Hong Tauw Inn recently and Khun Renoo recommended the four delightful dishes along with dessert.

Royal Project Vegetable Salad (Yaam Paak Krong-garn Luang) is created in a Thai style with shrimp, boiled egg and tasty dressing. Of course these vegegables are organically grown without chemical fertilizers or insecticides. Another healthy dish, Fried Tofu (Tao Hu Tord), is served with a secret sweet and sour dipping sauce. A vegetarian should really love this dish.

The rich and creamy coconut sauce of Panaeng Goong Yord Ma Prao (River Prawns and coconut shoots in thick red curry), goes well with steamed rice or even with noodles or pasta. It is not too hot but mild, all Thai and foreign visitors relish the taste. Chicken, pork, fish, beef can be substituted whatever your meat preference. The basic Panaeng curry paste requires coriander, galangal, kaffir lime, cumin seeds, nutmeg, basil leaves, lemon grass and lime leaves along with chillies, garlic, shallots, pepper corns, peanuts, fish sauce, shrimp paste and palm sugar. Of course, the finished curry paste will be boiled together with coconut cream.

The distinct flavor of the next dish Green Curry with spotted Featherback Fish Balls (Gaeng Khiew Waan Loorg-Chin Pla Grai) is well known. This fish is not served whole, but rather is ground into a fish paste and formed into balls. The green curry paste is ingredients are very similar to Panaeng curry, except the green peppers must be used not red chilies. Also the coconut cream is the strong character in this dish.

For those who have a bit more space to fill in their tummies, a selection of light Asian desserts is offered. A wonderful digestive of ginger juice with light dumplings stuffed with black sesame paste Bua Loy Nga-Dum Naam Khing Ronn is a good way to end a meal.

Hong Tauw Inn is known for home made Italian style ice cream. A new flavor introduced this month is strawberry pearl. The imaginative flavors greatly popular with guests are raspberry, blueberry, wild cherry, coconut, durian, tiramisu, chocolate, chocolate chip and coffee.

The staff take great pride in the maintaining the reputation of Hong Tauw Inn. They ensure the consistent wonderful flavor and they create dishes combining seasonal produce such as "Hed Torb" or crunchy mountain mushrooms. A yew years ago, the late owner of Hong Tauw Inn Restaurant was the pioneer to offer this unusual dish. After your first meal, every time you see or hear a wall clock striking it will remind you it's time for a great meal at Hong Tauw Inn Restaurant.

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