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Hot Spring Parks
in Chiangrai

Getting to be a popular excursion in Chiangrai province is to the hot spring is a natural phenomenon. It is a thermal mineral spring containing a significant amount of dissolved minerals in a water temperature warmer than 98F . In Chiangrai the springs are in several wells of different sizes but generally a well has a 5 to 10 meter radius and a depth not over 1 meter.

In addition the water has a high sulphur content and it is believed this water to have curative and restorative properties. Those persons suffering with ringworm or liver spots often find relief when taking a bath in the mineral water. The park has constructed separate bathing room facilities for men and women for those who want to try the curative treatment.

[ Hot springs - 13K ] There are three hot spring locations in Chiangrai province. The first is Mae Chan District located 8 kilometers from Mae Chan along Huay Hin Fon-Pongsa Road. Here a stream of hot water is brought to the surface by underground pressure and the mineral hot water is pumped from the spa's main outlet to a bath house facility. Accommodations for staying overnight are available.

The second sight of hot spring can be found at Ban Huay Zai Kao Hot Spring located on Mae Lao District, Chiangrai. This hot spring has been left in its natural state and is not attractive to visitors as a relaxation spot since there are no bathing facilities.

The third is Wieng Pa Pao hot spring. This is located at a midway point between Chiangmai and Chiangrai on highway 1019. Most people travelling by road stop at Wieng Pa Pao for a short break. Here are restaurants, a fresh produce and flower market and a bazaar selling items made by the hilltribes and lowland Thais. One popular activity at the hot spring is to hard boil eggs in the boiling water. The clever vendors have attached baskets on a long pole making the activity safe and fun for customers of all age to boil the eggs. If you can't encourage your children to cook at home, they will love to boil eggs here. Other than this the hot spring hasn't been develop for recreation use but plans are underway to develop this spring as a spa.

Visitors who are staying in Chiangrai for a few days can enjoy spa treatments at the privately owned PK Hot Spa complete with activities and accommodations located on the Mae Kok River. For reservations and more information give PK Hot Spa a call at Tel. 712001, 759117

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