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Immigration Issues

Visas permits and the formal involved with Obtaining them can be very confusing and the consequences of error and can be severe. Thankfully help is available and Skonchai Oliver, Purahong & Nitirat Law Consultants have assisted many unraveled foreigners with the complex issues involved with immigration. Their insite is a welcome window into the rules and regulations or mg and working in Thailand and they provide very prompt, concise replies to inquiries.

Anyone who intends to stay in Thailand for investment related purposes, needs to apply for a non-immigrant B visa after gaining approval from either the related government agency or the Board of investment. To be granted a non-immigrant visa the applicant roust state reasons for applying and include a letter of request from the company and a corporate profile should be attached The fee for this visa is THB 500 for a single cup, and THB 1,000 for a multiple entry visa. AN applicants should be careful to fully complete the application Ions and they will need two passport photos to submit.

The criteria involving elderly persons have long been perplexing with numerous amendments being made to an already confusing procedure, Seniors aged 50 years or over, wilt be granted a non-immigrant visa category 'O' if they can show evidence of either a monthly pension or income of at least THB 65&00 or they have a minimum of THB 800,000 deposited in a bank account. The application process for this visa is the same as the non-immigrant B visa. Out attractive alternative to yearly visa headaches is to get a residency permit, officially named an immigrant visa, To be eligible, you must have ed permission tot yearly stays in Thailand, on a non-immigrant visa, for at least three years prior to making the application. You must also be holding a non-immigrant visa at we time.

The privileges of obtaining an immigrant visa are appealing. The resident will not be required to apply for extensions of stay, and they may apply for naturalization in accordance with the law concerned. Obtaining a work permit is a lot easier for permanent residents and they are able to become directors of public companies. In addition, permanent residents can have their names included on house registration documents, or buy a condominium without being required to transfer money from abroad. A number of these benefits also apply to the resident's family members.

The immigration Bureau has an annual quota for granting permanent residency of 100 persons per country and applications are usually accepted from October until the end of December. The application fee is a non-refundable THB 2,000 per person and the residency fee, is THB 50,000 or THB 25,000 for a person married to a Thai national.

More detailed information about all visa types is available at www.visathailand.com. Skonchai, Oliver, Purahong and Nitirat Law Consultants suggest that foreigners who wish to live and work in Thailand investigate the benefits of membership with FIRAT, the fight for Rights Association of Thailand, which can lend valuable legal assistance in all matters regarding living in the Kingdom.

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