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Chiang Mai's International
College Prem Center

Ms.Carolyn Solomonby Carolyn Solomon,

Head of International College, Prem Center.

Nestled 25 Kilometers From Chiang Mai city on 90 acres of reclaimed paddy fields in the Mae Rim countryside is a new school, The International College Prem Center. Associated with the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore, it is a school for students from Thailand, from the region and beyond. It will develop global citizenship.

As a day and boarding school for students of many nationalities aged from 4 to 18 years of age, International College Prem Center offers a United World College educational philosophy. Inspired not only by United World College Presidents Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Queen Noor of Jordan, it has also, as its inspirational Honorary Board Chairman, His Excellency General Prem Tinsulanonda. at the school

The International College Prem Center is open now for enrollments. The curriculum plan at all levels follows the internationally reputed International Baccalaureate, a curriculum designed by the world's top educators and culminating in Grade 12 with the I.B. diploma which gains entry to universities from around the world including advanced placement to universities in the United States. In addition, it offers the International General Certificate of Secondary Education in Grades 9 and 10.

By attracting students from different nationalities to learn from each other through a common language, English, the International College Prem Center aims to develop understanding, friendships and networks on a global scale.

In addition to English the academic program offers a variety of languages which include Thai, French, Mandarin, Japanese and German.

By offering a learning environment and residential experience which celebrate cultural diversity, young people will grow up with the skills and attitudes needed to live comfortably in a global environment. The International College Prem Center is global and holistic, developing in its students a commitment to their school, local and global communities by offering community service opportunities to students in addition to a rigorous academic program.

It offers an extracurricular program of a range of sporting and cultural activities made possible through generous campus facilities which include Olympic-size swimming pool, diving pool and toddlers pool, large gymnasium, tennis, squash and basketball courts, athletics track, football field, art studios and amphitheater.

The international flavor of the school will be further enriched by the Prem Center Visiting Schools program. Already the large campus is alive with students from schools from around the world learning not only in the state of the art Prem Center facilities, but also in the rich physical and cultural environment of the Chiang Mai region.

Students at present visiting from an international school in Paris will next year speak French with language classes of the International College Prem Center. The students of the International College Prem Center will have their global horizons lifted by the schools who visit from different parts of the world throughout the year.

The academic program can only be further enriched by the Prem Center's four tertiary institutes located on the campus. Languages, Culture, Technology and Environment Institutes will provide a stimulating learning support for the academic programs of the College.

The boarding community are accommodated in three-level blocks of five apartments. The banana-leaf motif above the apartment balconies below provides an inviting living environment for Boarders. Ensuite bathrooms in apartments with on-line study and kitchenette facilities provide the physical space and comfort needed to create a home away from home. One teacher in a parenting role is responsible for the welfare of the Boarders living in each block of four apartments.

In keeping with the multi-cultural character of the college, the cafeteria menu is designed to cater for its student population by offering an international buffet served in a large veranda style cafeteria overlooking a lake.

With a campus Medical Center with fully qualified multilingual Nurse and fully trained security personnel on duty the International College Prem Center provides its students with a safe and secure environment. Bus transport between Chiang Mai and the Prem Center will be available to students wishing to use this service.

The management of the College includes educators with wide experience as school Principals of prominent schools in several continents. The teachers of the International College, Prem Center are selected from around the world not only for their proven teaching expertise, but also for their commitment to a global and holistic educational philosophy.

Contact enquiry@premcenter.in.th www.premcenter.org
Mailing address: PO Box 1 Mae Rim, Chiangmai 50180

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