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Khuang Kon Muang
Pleasure & Leisure Bazaar

How often have you taken a drive through Chiangmai and discovered an unexpected adventure? Try this route. You may have noticed behind Carrefour Hypermart a splendid display of very large lanterns. The collection of lanterns required one month to create and produce. A sight like this is a sure sign of a party or celebration going on. Join the fun at "Khuang Kon Muang", a unique heritage bazaar opened November 2003 for family fun in the traditional style (opposite Khum Khantoke and Plub Pla Restaurants). If you like to wear comfortable Thai dress, you will feel perfectly at home here among the crowd.

The villagers needed a place to establish a market to sell their handmade crafts and local food. The property manager, Khun Somkiat, arranged to have a temporary market set up at Chiangmai Business Park. Even so a temporary premise takes money to construct. And Khun Somkiat asked his nieces, nephews and close friends would they like to create a unique theme bazaar for the villagers? When the bazaar is finished there will be 200 vendors selling products. At the moment, 60 % of the booths have been filled up.

Every evening is a shopping carnival for unbelievable bargains. The handwoven cotton fabrics and sarongs are there plus irresistible items for gifts. At first the display of orchids is so real, it's difficult to believe that they are handmade. There's a wide variety of tropical orchid varieties such as Fah Mui, three colors of Singapore orchids plus a selection of exotic insect eating plants. This production process has been only for export and not sold locally until now. This is your chance to buy "export only" quality. Sa or mulberry handmade wrapping paper is more beautiful than ever. The displayed range of colors and designs are top end designer quality making beautiful gift wrapping.

A collection of purses made of coconut shell styled for evening and day use are very appealing. Everyone at the your next dinner party will compliment upir choice of evening bag made from a coconut shell. One design is covered with a leather flap that has been embossed with a birth year sign.

The local people both young and old eagerly participate in cultural activities. Every Saturday and Sunday around 6 pm, children are welcome to develop their skills in drawing, paper cutting, paper lantern making and learning to play folk music instruments with teachers and senior students from fine arts academies. A competition for school children is held every Sunday evening. The competitions are reciting Lanna poetry, wearing Lanna dress and folk talent performance. The winners get a cash prize for their education expenses.

"Khuang Kon Muang", opposite Khum Khantoke, behind Carrefour Superstore. Call for more information at Tel : 01-603 0867.

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