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Khum Khantoke Lanna Fantasy Show: Every NBuance is Magical

Introducing Lanna Fantasy Performance in Chiangmai at Khum Kham Theater, a new outlet of Khum Khantoke known for Fine Dining and
Attentive Service.

Scenes from the Lanna Fantasy show at Khum Khantoke.The fantasy program is a dazzling spectacle unfolding before your eyes. The stately Butterfly Empress strolls through the enchanted forest. Tree maidens displaying their beauty accompany her. A procession of the forest folk bring happiness to the butterfly queen. She is entertained by the hypnotic candle dance amid the gently swaying royal fans. More than 30 performers are on the stage when an enchanted handsome prince with his guards enter carrying the revered toong banners and paper lanterns on high poles. The setting sun in the form of a golden tiered maiden signals the celebrations of the tree folk are ending.

Reverberations of pulsating drums and gongs is heard accentuated by the staccato renard xylophone. The sight of golden chariots brings the popular hero, Pra Ram (Rama) and his trusted guardian, Hanuman, the white monkey god down from the heavens. When the adversary, devious Totsakan, the green monkey giant appears, the scene of confrontation ensues. With swords blazing, the fighting is intense. The two opposing gods defiant actions are captured in incredible balancing poses. The stage is frenetic with the excited antics of the vast monkey soldiers. Once again, will the world be a safe place with Pra Ram and Hanuman the victors? The audience caught up in the suspense will truly become admirers of the heroes based upon the Indian epic, the Ramayana or the Ramakian as the Thai literature written by King Pra Buddha Yord Fah, the first king of Chakri Dynasty.

Not only is the performance star studded but the presentation of the food is ever so delightful to the eye and to the palate. Delicious fragrant curries and other classic Thai dishes are served in carved fruit shells of coconut, pomelo, persimmon and yellow bell pepper. The table is set with wine glasses and full array of table service. Beverages are served throughout the evening.

The Lanna Fantasy evening is for all ages to enjoy drama on stage. A glimpse into the dynamic dynasty of the ancient past. The show is scheduled to be seen four times per day. Book 053-304121 at the Khum Khantoke for full details of each event. Ticket 1,200 baht including dinner and performance.

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